Statues Restored

Carrara marble statues of Saint Therese of Lisieux and Saint Joseph have watched over the students and campus of Notre Dame College for over 50 years. From their pedestals facing the Administration Building, weathering Northern Ohio winters and damp summers, they had accumulated pollutants, mildew and just plain dirt. With the installation of the Legacy Walkway and Quinlivan Circle came the opportunity to erase the years of wear.

Henninger employees took great measure to care for the statue of St. Therese.Being very porous material, marble requires specialized techniques for repair. Henningers, a family owned company located in Cleveland, Ohio, was contracted for this restoration project. The 84-year-old company is one of the few in the world which has the artisans with expertise in the repair and renovation of marble statues.

In September, employees from the company carefully wrapped the statues and took them to the workshop where they were power washed and coated with a commercial-grade preservative to help retard the effects of weathering.

A few days before the walkway dedication ceremony, Henningers employees erected a mobile framework and slowly and carefully hoisted each statue on the top of their respective pedestals. The stone dedicated to College alumna Maggie Kocevar was also cleaned and placed to the right of St. Therese. Shrubs were planted around both statues and there are plans to plant trees to replace those that were removed.

St. Therese and St. Joseph continue to watch over the students, visitors, the campus and now the Quinlivan Circle. The original glow of the marble has been restored and the lovely delicacy of the sculpture’s carving is now apparent, once again, as a delightful part of Notre Dame’s beautiful campus.

Candy Fischer is the Executive Secretary to the President at Notre Dame College. 

E.g., 06/24/19
E.g., 06/24/19