Expanded Parking is a Welcome Addition

Among the growing pains Notre Dame College experienced in the 2004-2005 academic year, few were as frustrating as the parking situation. Even with college administrators taking steps that included having members of the Notre Dame staff park at Regina High School, it was evident that increasing parking capacity was an important priority.

The newly constructed parking lot provides 75 parking spaces.Working with the city of South Euclid, Notre Dame opened the 2005 school year with a newly constructed 75-space parking lot located on the east side of campus behind the residence halls.

Needless to say, students are pleased with the addition. Compared to the previous arrangements, which some described as “impossible,” there is a sense of relief. Parking on nearby side streets has decreased and students may no longer need to don hiking boots to trudge through the snow during the winter months.

“No more parking in snowdrifts,” one student joked.

Due to continued enrollment growth, the lots are still close to capacity throughout the day, especially during sporting events. But students recognize that this is part of a positive trend. “It’s only because of the growth,” remarked one student.

At Notre Dame, parking is currently free. This is rare for a school located in a bustling suburb of a major city like Cleveland. Students attending many of the other local colleges pay for parking. At some institutions, students can reach as high as $100 per semester.

Overall, students said the parking situation is “much better” this year. The sentiment is that the College is doing the best it can to accommodate students during this time of growth. Best of all, they can put their hiking boots away this winter!

Amy Lauria ’93 is a free-lance writer and substitute teacher from Perry, Ohio.


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