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Alumni Share Their Favorite Anecdotes


Mother Teresa

Meeting Mother Teresa

“I remember shaking the hand of Mother Teresa in Connelly Center. She was a guest speaker when I was a student there. As I shook her hands and saw the worn and tattered sweater she had on against the rough working hands, I thought, ‘This is what the path to sanctity is about.’ It was a very memorable and life-changing event.” – Martie Fleming Aiello ’81


Rejuvenating Falcon Athletics

“My fondest memories happened on the basketball court and softball field. We, the Class of 1994, were the first class to rejuvenate the athletics program. I was recruited by Roxanne Allen, who was the entire athletics department during the 1989-1990 academic year. She watched a small-time basketball player from North Ridgeville, Ohio, produce some points on a court in Lorain County and the next week this girl’s dreams of going to college were coming true. I remember the cramped rides to Rio Grande in a 10-person van that was held together with duck tape; and I so fondly remember the late Cleveland Plain Dealer sports columnist Bill Nichols, who at the time was moonlighting as the NDC softball coach. He was my coach, my mentor and one of my best friends ever.” – Angela Neff Dudziak’ 93

Willow Room

Bonding in the Basement

“I will never forget the Willow Room, which is now the nursing office and classroom. As a commuter, this was my ‘home’ for four years. In between classes, my friends (fellow commuters) and I would hang out, laugh, cry, argue, do homework, study and grow together. We still remain close after 20 plus years and get together several times a year. We created our own family in that space at Notre Dame. We loved that dingy, basement room away from the hustle and bustle of class. We decorated it at holidays and made it our own. That space created a bond to all who entered it and brought joy to our days at Notre Dame College!” – Tina DiBacco Jurcisin ’85


The Mystery of the Fourth Floor

“In the spring of 1985, I was a senior biology major looking forward to my upcoming graduation. A group of my friends and I were invited to go up into the tower of the Administration Building. This was a huge deal because no students were permitted to go up into the tower. To get to the tower meant that one had to ascend the stairs to the fourth floor of the Administration Building. At that time, no student was permitted on the fourth floor, where all of the Sisters lived. My friends and I were often intrigued by the ‘mystery’ of that floor. As we scaled the steps to go to the tower, we did get a brief glimpse of one of the fourth floor corridors. It felt a little like we were breaking a sacred rule by being there. As we continued up the tower steps, we were amazed to see the breathtaking view that unfolded before us. It was so special to see the beautiful countryside and our beloved campus from that perspective.

Several years later, I returned to campus to attend the annual open house festivities. I was excited to learn that campus tours were given that day. To my surprise, my tour guide immediately led my group to the ‘mysterious’ fourth floor. Having converted the Sisters’ living quarters into faculty offices, this once ‘off limits’ space was now open to all students. I must admit, I still felt a bit apprehensive to be on that floor even though it was now permitted.” – Lisa Winger Matula ’85

Mellen Pool

First Dip in the Mellen Pool

“During my senior year the construction of the Keller Center was taking place. There was construction tape around the area that instructed all not to cross into the construction zone. What a tempting proposition to me! It was a huge hole waiting to be explored! My suitemate June-Marie Kocsis Angle ’87 and I donned our academic attire including mortar board and dove right into what would become the swimming pool. My other suitemate Carmelina Maria Nunnari Grossi ’87 and my sister Jody A. Jurkiewicz Kocsis ’89 took pictures of the real first dip in the pool!” – Mary Louise Jurkiewicz Beckstrom ’87

Republican Club

Politics, Deviled Eggs & a Male Visitor

“In 1961, the campus was a bastion of Democratic students. I felt a college should have diverse political opinion on it. So I decided to form a chapter of the Young Republicans Club. In doing so, I called the local chapter of the party and received help from Daisy McWhorter, whose son John had just formed a chapter at Case. She sent him over to help us. On more than one occasion she called to ask if she could send about 75 deviled eggs with him. Could she? You bet. This meant we not only had diverse political opinion present, we had a male student on campus and we had food. You could hear the whispers all the way down the main, marble hall whenever John came to campus.

Years later, I worked as a school librarian for the Cleveland Board of Education experiencing real poverty in daily ways. It turned me around politically. A few years after I moved to California, Gov. Jerry Brown called me asking if I would serve on the California Library Services Board, which had co-operative projects on its agenda. Some were especially geared to help minorities. NDC taught us to study, to work hard and to change our ways in the light of new information. Thanks.” – Margaret Trivison ’64


Like Mother, Like Son

“I remember eating lunch in the Willow Room when there was a salad bar and vending machines set up. I also remember when the Sisters came to class for the first time not wearing their habits. And I remember when seniors got to climb up the ladder to the tower. The view from there was awesome. I was also six months pregnant at the time and my son is now a freshman at NDC.” – Kristin Vanni-Sallade ’93

Pigeon Droppings & Quarters

“How about the time when Jean Zahurancik ’73 and other members of the Phys Ed club held ‘tours’ of the bell tower to raise funds?  I think they were charging a quarter! They had to work so hard sweeping up pigeon droppings before anyone else could go up there. But what a magnificent view!” – Joan Zahurancik McNeeley ’73

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