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Service Tower

Junior Adam Saintz was one of 27 students who spent part of their winter break helping build homes for Habitat for Humanity in West Palm Beach, Fla., and Athens, Ala.

An employee of the Davey Tree company rappels himself off the tower of the Administration Building to do some spring cleaning.


NDC nursing student Marylane Jackson accepted a check on behalf of 34 students from member institutions of the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges who received scholarships totaling $81,600 from the UPS Foundation.


Notre Dame unveiled its new Falcon mascot, Fearless, in February.


More than 100 Brush High School students visited Notre Dame College in February to use the Clara Fritzsche Library for a research project and to learn about NDC.


Associate Professor Roslyn Scheer-McLeod took 34 NDC employees, alumni, students and friends to Italy for the annual spring break trip. The group visited historic sites including the Coliseum in Rome.


The Notre Dame wrestling team won its third national championship in as many years. The Falcons emerged as champions of the National Collegiate Wrestling Association’s 2012 title event in Daytona Beach, Fla., in March.


Sophomore biology student Tanesha Reed visited St. Mary’s School in Chardon, Ohio, in March to teach second graders about infectious diseases. Reed taught them basic information about germs, ways to prevent transmission, hand washing techniques, and careers in microbiology. She even helped the students set up an experiment to compare microbial growth between a dirty thumb and a sanitized thumb.



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