From the President

Dr. Andrew P. RothTo become one of the finest, small, Catholic colleges in the region, it is necessary for the College to be wise stewards of its financial and human resources. Notre Dame seeks to fill specific niches in the region’s higher education programming mix, while reaching for a standard of excellence that a values-based Catholic education should provide. A shining example of such a program is the Academic Support Center for Students with Learning Differences (ASC) located in the Clara Fritzsche Library.

Under the direction of Gretchen Noetzel Walsh, M.S. Ed., the Center provides comprehensive support for Notre Dame students with documented learning disabilities. Their services include tutoring and academic advising along with a large array of adaptive equipment to assist students with their studies. They also work as advocates for the students to help them receive classroom accommodations necessary for a successful college experience. There are only three programs equivalent to the ASC in Ohio, so Notre Dame is providing a valuable service to a niche market that is historically underserved.

Since opening this year, the ASC has already planned and sponsored high quality programs to educate the College community on matters of learning differences. In January, 2006, Dr. Michael Manos, a world renowned expert on the field of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder hosted a workshop for the faculty and staff to learn more about assisting students with these conditions. In October, 2006, ASC will host a presentation by Rick Lavoie, an internationally acclaimed speaker in the field of learning disabilities.

A program such as the ASC resonates within the field of higher education because it speaks to the higher calling of Catholic college education. It is not just about classroom instruction, but rather about modeling a behavior for students at the College and the greater community. Notre Dame is proud to provide the ASC as it is directly in line with our mission to prepare students for global, personal and professional responsibility while it maintains our connection to the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame and their heritage as educators.

Andrew P. Roth, Ph.D.


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