Notre Dame College Offers Weekly Reflections for Advent 2018

Notre Dame College, a Catholic institution in the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame, provides weekly reflections during the season of Advent.

Advent Reflection – First Week

The weeks before Christmas are filled with excitement and preparation. As people of faith, we should be excited because we are called to wake up and be attentive. We are asked to awaken to the reality of God’s faithful love in Jesus. The Christmas event is about God coming to be with us. How can you wake up and be attentive this week to the goodness of God in your life? During this first week of preparation?

Advent Reflection – Second Week

"People look East and sing today: Love, the Guest, is on the way.” Trying to maintain a sense of prayer and preparation continues to challenge us all in December. Buying, decorating, and wrapping consume most of our moments. During these long dark evenings, we are reminded to look East to the One who comes for us and cares about us. Emmanuel, God with us, keeps the promise to enter lives and make them whole. Have you found a way to make room for God who came and who continues to come into our lives every day?

Advent Reflection –Third Week

The Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudate Sunday, heralds the joy of Christmas. In Paradise, California, for refugees on our borders, and for families dealing with the addiction of a loved one, there is not so much joy or hope these days. But, that is precisely where each one of us is called to be the message and the messenger. Christ's spirit lives today. That is why we celebrate Christmas not just as an historical event but the "call" to keep bringing hope to others. Who can you reach out to this week to bring a bit more hope and joy in their lives?


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E.g., 06/15/19