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Employee Guidelines

Healthy Campus

A health protocol has been developed for everyone who will be on campus, whether that be an employee, student or visitor. The protocol is based on the Healthy RestartOhio guidance for Ohio’s higher education institutions and can be found at the “Plan For Staying Healthy” web page within this site. There is information provided there about physical distancing, face coverings, cleaning and other procedures to keep our campus healthy. Most importantly, information is presented in the protocol that describes what a member of our community should do after developing symptoms of COVID-19. A process has been developed to isolate individuals who are sick, have them screened by a health professional, and possibly tested for infection. There is also information about quarantine and time tables of returning to work after being diagnosed with COVID-19. This protocol page will be constantly updated with the most current information and procedures for our institution.

Office Spaces

Offices will be staffed at appropriate levels required to meet student needs and to comply with physical distancing guidelines. Employees will work rotating shifts with others working remotely if needed to meet distancing guidelines. Supervisors will determine the necessary staffing levels and shifts. A majority of student services, processing of requests, student assistance, tutoring, and advising should be conducted remotely. Faculty, staff, students and outside visitors are required to wear a face covering to enter all buildings and offices on campus and to comply with physical distancing guidelines. This includes but is not limited to student services, student support, administrative and faculty offices.

Mental Health Considerations

The College understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress levels of everyone. We want to student and employee to maintain a healthy mindset during these uncertain times. As such, we have made every effort to ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone to return. If you have mental health concerns or questions, please contact the Counseling Center ( We are ready to discuss personal situations, individual circumstances, and resources that may be available to assist students and employees during difficult times.


Employees who must provide care to immediate family members who are ill are urged to use available sick or vacation time or Emergency Paid Leave.

Employees who are required to self-isolate or self-quarantine (by public health officials or guidelines, health care providers or the College), and whose work is not suitable for remote work may request Emergency Paid Leave.

Employees whose work is not suitable for remote work may request Emergency Paid Leave to care for immediate family members who are not ill but need care due to any COVID-19 related closures of schools or day care centers, or for other breakdowns in care arrangements. Employees are not permitted to bring children or elders to work with them, even if the children or elders are well.

Consult Human Resources to discuss your options regarding sick time, vacation time and emergency paid leave. Please refer to the Employee Handbook and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act At-A-Glance Chart for additional details.

Employee Rights

Please remember not to share any person’s health information with colleagues. This is a violation of their privacy, and this information is protected by HIPAA and other laws.

Managers and supervisors must not pressure anyone to come to work if they are ill or need to stay at home to care for ill dependents.

Remote Work

The institution’s intent is to open and repopulate our campus in the safest way. It intends to take all steps reasonably possible to conduct as many classes and other educational services in-person. Accordingly, employees need to take all reasonable steps to work on campus.

Recognizing the various health concerns confronting employees during this unprecedented public health crisis, and the personal decisions that need to be made regarding a return to a physical campus, the College’s leaders must determine the best support strategy that is appropriate for the institution’s global community. We encourage those with specific risks or concerns to reach out to their supervisor (staff) or division chair (faculty) or Director of Human Resources, and should they be necessary, request reasonable accommodations (with sensitive medical information only to be provided to Human Resources).

As we are inviting students back to a campus community that includes academics, athletics and a robust campus life, there is a presumption that we will also have faculty and staff present to work with them. It is impossible for the College to exist solely as an online institution. And so, there is an expectation that faculty and staff will work on campus and be present with the students. However, there is also an understanding that certain individuals have circumstances that will necessitate performing their job, or part of their job, remotely.

As an institution, we strive for equity in the way we treat employees. Before asking for accommodations, individual employees are asked to carefully consider their role in the Notre Dame community and how everyone is working to preserve the institution and serve our students.

The College assumes that employees will act in good faith when requesting to work or teach remotely. It is understood that there are many unresolved issues for individual employees regarding childcare and health concerns. Supervisors/division chairs will work flexibly with employees to determine whether their work can be performed effectively remotely. “Effectively” means the person is able to perform a significant majority of their job responsibilities within performance expectations without being on campus. It should be noted that students also play an important role in determining whether our work is “effective.”

Employees who are requesting to do their job remotely should be aware of the consequential nature of their request. It must be recognized that some employees are unable to perform their work remotely due to the nature of their work on campus. We are striving to treat all employees with equity and we ask all employees of the College to assist us in creating this equitable environment.

Employees experiencing unresolved issues regarding childcare or health concerns whose work is not suitable for remote work should consult Human Resources to discuss their options for paid leave before submitting the Emergency Paid Leave form.

Accommodations for Remote Work

Accommodations for remote work shall be made on a case-by-case basis. Employees may request accommodations for the following reasons:

  • They are more susceptible to COVID-19 infection.
  • They are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 infection.
  • They have family members in their household or care who are at higher risk.
  • They experience child care issues due to COVID-related school or day care issues.

Employees should consult both their supervisor (staff) or division chair (faculty) and Human Resources to request reasonable accommodations (with sensitive medical information only to be provided to Human Resources). Supervisors/division chairs should respect an employee’s privacy and requests for accommodation and keep information confidential. They should consult with Human Resources as appropriate.

Staff members may request to work remotely part of the time or all of the time. Faculty members may request to teach one or more courses remotely. Employees can request to work/teach remotely before the semester begins or at any time after it begins if changes in circumstances necessitate it.

The request process consists of the following steps:

  1. Following discussions with their supervisor/division chair, employees should document their request in writing using the Remote Work Request Form. The employee and supervisor/division chair should sign and keep a copy of the form.
  2. All Employees should submit their signed requests to Human Resources. Faculty members should also submit their requests (without including any sensitive medical or personal information) to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  3. Human Resources will review the requests and seek approval of the employee’s Cabinet level supervisor if needed. Human Resources will communicate decisions to employees and file the requests in their office.

The status of remote work requests will be reassessed periodically as circumstances change. Supervisors/Division Chairs will monitor the performance of remote workers to ensure the quality delivery of courses, student support services, and administrative operations as documented in the request form.


The COVID-19 world-wide pandemic has created uncertain times and resulted in unprecedented changes for our learning, living, and working environment.

While Notre Dame College looks forward to our students and employees returning to campus our highest priority is the health, safety, and well-being of every member of the Notre Dame community.

We want our students to fully engage in a secure campus life, and equally important receive academic quality. To resume in-person education and manage the COVID-19 risk factors NDC will take full advantage of the unique benefits of our campus environment.

As communicated throughout this policy, these priorities will also carefully follow federal and state laws and regulations. Although we anticipate that federal and state guidance will change frequently, we will modify and implement applicable changes. We also understand that individual employee needs and situations will be different as our doors begin to reopen as well as throughout the academic year. The campus community will be given as much notice as possible in the event of an unforeseen change, setback, or closure.

Furthermore, while the strategies highlighted in this document cannot protect everyone from COVID-19, it is important to follow CDC guidance at all times. For more information, go to the CDC website.

In order to contact the NDC COVID-19 Response Team, use this Response Form or send an email to