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Dining Hall & Falcon Café

NDC Dining Hall

Notre Dame College wants to do its best to keep everyone safe and healthy, limit the exposure and spread of COVID-19, and continue to deliver a highly personal face-to-face educational and co-curricular experience. As we return to campus, everyone will need to do their part to take care of themselves and help take care the community. Now, more than ever, our mission calls on us to exercise our commitment to personal and global responsibility.

Below you will find information about the Dining Hall operations for the upcoming year. This will be different than in past years, but we know you will do your part to make things work effectively. Please know that these are subject to change as guidelines from health and government officials update policies and procedures.

  • Individuals will have scheduled meal times
  • Individuals will enter the dining hall through the middle doors and will exit out a marked side door. These doors will be one way.
  • Individuals will be required to wear a face covering at all times unless eating or drinking while seated at a table.
  • Tables and chairs will be spread out and capacity will be reduced.
  • A number of tables will have Plexiglass dividers so that individuals wishing to have more protection can have it.
  • Floor markings will be spaced 6 feet apart at both the check in area as well as in the food service area.
  • All Individuals will walk through the food service area in the same, one-way, direction. Individuals will not be permitted to go from area-to-area or backtrack.
  • Going up for multiple servings will be permitted, but individuals will need to get a new plate each time.
  • All plates and utensils will be behind the serving line. A Normandy employee, wearing a face covering and gloves, will pass the plates along the serving line and the Individual will receive a full plate at the end of the line.
  • All self-service food stations such as condiments, ice cream, etc. will either be moved to behind the serving line, packaged for individual use, or removed from the dining hall.
  • A Normandy employee will be responsible for sanitizing tables and chairs in between use.


Falcon Café


Information Coming Soon!