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Healthy Campus Information for 2022-2023

Return to Campus Plan

Notre Dame College recommends the following procedure for students, faculty, and staff returning to campus for Fall 2022:

  • The most important step you can take is to be up-to-date with Covid-19 vaccinations. This CDC Tool to Determine Vaccination Status is provided by the CDC to help you determine if you are up-to-date with your vaccinations. While vaccination is not mandated by the College, it is strongly recommended. If you are not vaccinated, we encourage you to reach out to a trusted health care provider for information on Covid-19 vaccinations. A list of vaccination providers near campus is provided below.
  • If you are not up-to-date with your vaccinations or you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 regardless of vaccination status, the CDC recommends that you test before returning to campus. If you test positive, let us know by emailing and do not return to campus until your isolation period has ended. The CDC has provided this tool to assist in determining your quarantine or isolation time (CDC Tool to Determine Quarantine or Isolation Time). Information is provided below for obtaining Covid-19 tests.

Staying Healthy

Once you have returned to campus, we ask every member of the community to take these actions.

  • Monitor yourself for symptoms of Covid-19 (CDC Information on Covid-19 Symptoms). If you experience symptoms isolate and take a Covid-19 test. Tests are available at the list of locations included below. Students, please consider having tests mailed to you (see information below) or bringing Covid-19 tests with you from home for use if you experience symptoms.
  • If you test positive during the semester isolate in your residence. The CDC has provided this tool to assist in determining your quarantine or isolation time (CDC Tool to Determine Quarantine or Isolation Time). Follow those instructions and do the following::
    • Students, faculty, and staff immediately email Students, also notify your instructors, coach, and others who supervise campus activities that you are a member. Everyone must follow the instructions received from
    • Remain in your residence, do not attend classes or any other activities on campus during your isolation. Faculty will work with students to ensure students stay engaged and catch up quickly when they are able to return to class. Residence Life will assist those isolating on campus.
    • When isolating or quarantining and you must leave your residence for obtaining medication or other necessary activities make sure to wear a high-quality mask that fits tightly around the nose and mouth.
    • If symptoms become moderate or severe, contact your medical provider or local urgent care location. A list of urgent care locations near campus are provided below. In case of any emergency call 911.
    • If you have non-emergency questions or needs during your isolation, contact
    • Currently masks are optional on campus. However, offices, classrooms, laboratories, or other spaces may require masks at the discretion of instructors, faculty, and/or staff members. Please be respectful of others’ choice to wear a mask. When masking is required in a classroom, office, laboratory, or other space, comply with that requirement. When masking is required, masks will be provided and should be worn tightly over the mouth and nose. Bringing and wearing your own high-quality masks is also encouraged.
  • Take other common-sense steps to keep yourself and our campus healthy. These include:
    • If you are ill, especially with any infectious agent (virus, bacterial), DO NOT go to class, work, practice, or any other campus activity. That action alone will stop the spread of most infections.
    • Engage in the practice of good hand hygiene, wash hands with soap and water and/or hand sanitizer regularly.
    • Engage in healthy eating and healthy sleeping habits.
    • Seek on-campus counseling services when needed –



CDC General Covid-19 Information –

CDC Covid-19 Symptoms and Self-Checker –

CDC Tool to Determine Quarantine or Isolation Time –

CDC Tool to Determine Vaccination Status –

Ohio Department of Health Covid-19 Information –

Cuyahoga County Board of Health Covid-19 Resources –


Obtaining Covid-19 Test Via US Postal Service

Consider ordering Covid-19 tests via the US Postal Service by using this web site – Additional helpful information on ordering these tests can be found here-


Locations for Medical Attention/Pharmacy Near Campus

Beachwood Family Health Center (Express Care, Pharmacy, X-ray)
26900 Cedar Rd, Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone:  216.839.3000


Hillcrest Hospital ED
6780 Mayfield Rd, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
Phone: 440.312.4600


Cleveland Clinic Main Campus – Emergency Department
9105 Cedar Ave e building, Cleveland, OH 44195
Phone:  216.444.2200


Cleveland Heights Medical Center-Metro Health
10 Severance Circle, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
Phone: 216.524.7377

Services Offered

  • Laboratory Services
  • Radiology
  • Colon Cancer Screenings


Health Express Urgent Care
6092 Mayfield Rd, Mayfield Heights
Phone: 440.462.4677
Mayfield OH – Health Express Urgent Care (


Cleveland Clinic Lyndhurst Urgent Care
5195 Mayfield Rd, Lyndhurst
Phone: 440.442.0400
Cleveland Clinic Lyndhurst Urgent Care | Cleveland Clinic


Cleveland Clinic Express Care Clinic
26900 Cedar Rd, Beachwood
Phone: 216.839.3000
Beachwood Family Health and Surgery Center | Cleveland Clinic


Walk In Urgent Care
13916 Cedar Rd, University Heights
Urgent Care Center in University Heights, OH | Urgent Care Center Near Me | Walk In Urgent Care


UH Minoff Health Center at Chagrin Highlands Urgent Care
3909 Orange Place, Orange Village
Phone: 216.896.1800
UH Orange Village Health Center | University Hospitals | University Hospitals (


Senders Pediatrics
2054 South Green Road, South Euclid, OH 44121
Phone: 216.291.9210
Text: 216.291.9210
Fax: 216.291.9422
Home | Senders Pediatrics | South Euclid, OH


UH Suburban Health Center in South Euclid, OH
1611 South Green Road
South Euclid, OH 44121
UH Suburban Health Center University Hospitals (


UH Ahuja
3999 Richmond Road
Beachwood, OH 44122
UH Ahuja Medical Center University Hospitals (


CVS Pharmacy
4460 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid, OH 44121 ·
Phone: 216.382.6780


CVS Pharmacy
14070 Cedar Rd, University Heights, OH 44118
Phone: 216.416.0026