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COVID-19 Dashboard


Current number of active COVID-19 cases at NDC111
Previous, Verified Recovered Cases265


1Active – Refers to individuals in isolation due to confirmed COVID-19 illness

2 Data since August 1, 2021


Vaccination Status
(as of 9/10/21)
Employees + StudentsEmployeesStudents
I am fully vaccinated (2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or 1 dose of J&J vaccine).53861.8%22188.4%31751.0%
I am not fully vaccinated (only have one shot of two) OR I am in the process of scheduling my vaccination(s)11813.5%104.0%10817.4%
I have not been vaccinated for COVID-19 and do not intend to do so.10311.8%72.8%9615.5%
I would prefer to keep my vaccination status private.11212.9%124.8%10016.1%
Total counts871 250 621 

With input from our Cleveland Clinic Partners and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, the Notre Dame College COVID-19 Response Team will consider the following indicators when setting campus policy:

  • Current Number of Active Cases
  • Trend of Increasing Positive or Presumed Positive Cases Over a 5 Day Period
  • Community Spread (localized or more widespread)
  • Campus Capacity (a measure of faculty or staff affected that may affect campus services)
  • Ohio Department of Health Orders