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Success Stories

The EDC@NDC is just getting started, and it already has several success stories to tell.

From a Notre Dame sustainable new business venture to pitch contest winners helping support high-tech startups and a recent graduate pursuing his own entrepreneurial enterprise, here are three examples of how the EDC@NDC is helping preparation meet opportunity.

And be one of the first to see as the center adds more.

Business Venture

A group of interdisciplinary NDCe members are planning a College-owned composting company that will recycle organic waste and deliver nutrient-rich fertilizer to South Euclid, Ohio, residents, especially for use in community gardens.

As for the aptly named Campus Composters enterprise, spearheaded by recent graduates Martin Lange and Hannah Conway, the business plan is for student employees to collect the waste, first from just on-campus sources but then to expand to area businesses. Transport will be handled by bicycle to stay sustainable.

Campus Composters has received some seed funding from the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District for purchase of an oxygen composting system. Students will be able to track the amount of food waste collected, temperature, pH and physical description of the compost and amount of compost generated as part of this reimbursement grant.

Pitch Contests

The Student Venture Fund at Notre Dame College, also known as NDC Shark Tank, a chapter of the Northeast Ohio Student Venture Fund (NEOSVF), won $50,000 in startup funds for two high-tech business ventures it selected to support: GiveNext LCCand Tap.in2.

The winning presentation team from Notre Dame was comprised of new Notre Dame alumni Vanessa Matthes and Jamie Robinson, supported by fellow graduates Suzanne Morris, Sarah Weyer and Ian Dawson and current senior Tawnia Almaraz.

Young Entrepreneur

Notre Dame graduate Ian Dawson ’15, a marketing major, while still a student envisioned an application for an existing technology to create a monitoring system for patients of Alzheimer’s, even autism and Down syndrome.

While still a student, he won a $1,200 grant from the seed capital fund and business accelerator Shaker LaunchHouse and has started his own company, MEMcare LLC, to develop the technology.