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If you are an entrepreneur seeking intern project support (45 to 135 hours over 15 weeks) from the Enterprise Development Center at Notre Dame College (EDC@NDC), please complete the following application form.

A representative of the EDC@NDC initiative will contact you in the next few weeks. Or email Bill Leamon, assistant professor of entrepreneurship and director of the EDC@NDC, at wleamon@ndc.edu.

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  1. Graphic Design: Work with developers to outline and map new features, as well as revamping old features. The designer will create original designs, modify current designs, create wireframes, user flows, etc, to guide developers over the duration of the fall. Work includes design on the frontend and backend applications for Go Baller. Also work on revamping pitch deck, business website, web app, exec sum, logos, price plans, etc. UX, UI, general graphic design work.

  2. Development: Assist coders in developing new features for frontend and backend applications. Test new developments, build new website to host social media content. Assist project manager in creating tasks and overseeing deadline and milestones for coders.

  3. Marketing/Sales: Assist on upcoming marketing campaign, giving social feeds away for 30 days free to 30 blogs and websites. Create strategic sales funnels to reach out and contact these bloggers and website editors. Create sales funnels for each sport and league that we plan to work with and pitch to this fall.

  4. Social Media Marketing: Use LinkedIN and other social networks to push out new brand and marketing plan. Use sales funnels and strategic partnerships to contact leads, create original content and drive engagement with followers. Help team create original, new social media feeds in different verticals both in and out of sports.

  5. Financing: Help update financials for investors, potential clients with new pricing plans, etc.

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