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Academic & Experiential Learning

The EDC@NDC supports academic offerings at Notre Dame beyond business majors, like art and IS degrees. It also enhances extracurricular activities related to entrepreneurship and offers internships eligible for class credits.

The center empowers students to gain work experience in a variety of related and tangential fields, too, by offering up to a $500 stipend for working in real world positions with actual operating and establishing companies.


The EDC@NDC provides students up to three class credits per paid internship experience in a variety of subjects with startups and small businesses.


Notre Dame currently offers an entrepreneurship minor to business and nonbusiness majors. Course requirements vary and feature consumer behavior, sales management and new venture creation, among others. Classes also are offered in social entrepreneurship.

The Business Division plans to add an entrepreneurship major in 2016.

The division also intends to create, among others, a course in entrepreneurial leadership in the next few years as funding becomes available.


At Notre Dame, you also have access to an entrepreneurship club, called NDCe. Programs of the student-led organization have featured Shark Tank-like pitch contests; community revitalization involving a historic Cleveland school in danger of closing; Junior Achievement elementary education initiatives; and a new business venture, Campus Composters.

The EDC@NDC will help further establish the entrepreneurship club.


The EDC@NDC offers more than 100 paid, on-campus internship experiences for Notre Dame students in all majors.

You will work and learn side-by-side with both commercial and social entrepreneurs to help successfully start, scale and sustain business ventures.

Students who apply and are selected for the program are eligible for up to a $500 stipend and three class credits per internship experience. Internships are 45 to 135 hours over 15 weeks, depending on placement.

Interns are screened and trained prior to placement and receive weekly and periodic performance reviews with details managed by the College.


Student internships are available with startups and small businesses in the following diverse fields, with additional areas to be added as needed:

  • Graphic Design: Work with developers to outline and map new features, as well as revamping old features. Graphic designers create original designs, modify current designs, create wireframes, user flows, etc., to guide developers over the duration of the fall. They also are responsible for design on the frontend and backend applications for Go Baller. Graphic design also involves revamping pitch deck, business website, web app, exec sum, logos, price plans, etc. UX, UI, general graphic design work.
  • Development: Assist coders in developing new features for frontend and backend applications. In addition to testing new developments, developers build new websites to host social media content. They also assist project managers in creating tasks and overseeing deadline and milestones for coders.
  • Marketing/Sales: Assist on upcoming marketing campaigns, giving social feeds away for 30 days free to 30 blogs and websites. Marketing and sales interns create strategic sales funnels to reach out and contact these bloggers and website editors. They also create sales funnels for each target, including sports and leagues, and pitch to these targets.
  • Social Media Marketing: Use LinkedIN and other social networks to push out new brand and marketing plan. Social media marketers use sales funnels and strategic partnerships to contact leads, create original content and drive engagement with followers. They also help teams create original, new social media feeds in different verticals both in and out of target markets.
  • Financing: Help update financials for investors, potential clients with new pricing plans, and related financial planning and application.


If you are a Notre Dame student in any major interested in working with startup companies through the EDC@NDC internship program, complete the online student internship application form.