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5 Year Vision

“Entrepreneurship develops imagination and creativity. In our conceptual economy, these are skills valued by employers. Development of our entrepreneurship program is ideal for our students, as entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary subject that serves all majors.”

Vincent J. Palombo, DBA, assistant professor of business administration and chair of the Business Division, Notre Dame College


The Vision

Notre Dame has developed a ‘2020 Vision’ to create a culture of entrepreneurship on campus.

Some of its ambitions are already coming to fruition.

In addition to offering an entrepreneurship minor and starting an entrepreneurship club, the College, led by its Business Division, has plans to add an entrepreneurship major in 2016 and an enterprise development center in 2017.

The major is in the works, and the EDC@NDC already exists.

Short Term

In 2015-2017 the EDC@NDC will create more than 100 paid, on-campus internship experiences for Notre Dame students in all majors, while supporting more than 40 high- and low-tech startups and small businesses.

Long Term

By 2020-2021 EDC@NDC objectives include for 50 percent of the students involved to be non-business majors, for 50 percent of the students involved to be women and for 50 percent of the overall student population to participate in at least one activity of the center.

The center also has set out to raise $1 million in its first five years.

During its first few years, the EDC@NDC will conduct many of its operations and activities in the College’s new student center, but also has plans to build a dedicated space in the future depend on funding.