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People of Spirit and Service

Continuing the Tradition of Excellence

The great strength of Notre Dame College is and always has been its people.

From the Sisters of Notre Dame who traveled from Coesfeld, Germany, to establish the institution in 1922 to the students, faculty, staff, alumni, administrators, trustees and friends who have helped shape the College since, Notre Dame is a connection of hearts and minds, a kinship of character and mission.

An idea born of the stories published throughout the 90th anniversary year of the College, the celebration of the many inspirational people who have made Notre Dame a better place continues.

Each of the members of the Notre Dame family profiled here makes─be it past, present or future─a difference on campus, in his or her community and beyond by teaching and learning not only how to make a good living but how to live a good life.

These stories feature just some of the many people of spirit and service at Notre Dame who live and advance the College’s calling to personal, professional and global responsibility.

The listing of these articles is in no way a ranking of individuals by importance or stature, as new stories will be added periodically.

John Betchkal: Enlightened and Enlightening Service

Sr. Mary Ann Baran ’72: Connecting Others Through the Goodness of God

Anthony “Tony” Zupancic: Educator, Mentor and Friend

Tom Meeks: Maintaining the Mission

Bernard Muhle: Taking Care of Campus

Frank Romano: Coaching Wrestling and the Whole Person

Tina DiBacco Jurcisin ’85: A Lifelong Learner

James Sennett: Reflection and Service

John J. Dwyer: A Champion of Private Education

Sr. Madonna C. Kolbenschlag: A Visionary for Women’s Rights

Sarah Rak: Following Her Heart

Therese Buettner Hummer ’46: A Devoted Supporter

A Pioneering Duo: Eleanor Malburg ’84 and Fran Babic

Sr. Carol Ziegler, SND: Carrying the Mission Forward

Jeanne Christian: Helping Students Reach their Full Potential

Sr. Mary Cesarie Miday, SND ’31: The French Voice of Notre Dame

The Founders: Mother Mary Evarista Harks, Sr. Mary Agnes Bosche and Sr. Mary Odila Miller

Roslyn Scheer-McLeod: A Transformative Presence

Michael “Mac” McBride: Building a Program of Excellence

Sr. Helen Burdenski ’62: In the Business of Making a Difference

Joan McCarthy: Outstanding Leadership & Fidelity

Sr. Mary LeRoy Finn ’40: Inspiration Through Enthusiasm

Angela Schiebel ’40: Defying the Odds

Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Brown Syed: Out in Front

Rachel Morris: Inspired by the Mission

Karen Zoller: A Resource for Students

Sr. Mary Marthe Reinhard ’52: A Leader Educating Leaders

Sr. Mary Cleophas Garvin: Living His Gospel

Committed to Excellence: Nicholas Somich ’06, Christian Taske ’07, Kristy Stefanski McKibben ’08, Philomena “Philly” Meluch ’09, Michael Mannozzi ’10, Anshawn Ivery ’11 and Erin M. McGrath ’12

Jameka Windham ’99: At Home at Notre Dame

Stella Corbett Hetzer ’59: The Ultimate in Faithfulness

Beth Ford ’00: Admissions with Heart

Sr. Mary Luke Arntz ’35: The Passionate Teacher

Sr. Mary Inez McHugh: A Notre Dame Woman

Frances Burger Noetzel ’41: Charitable Sounds

Helen Foose Petersen ’38: Believing in Notre Dame

Sr. Eileen Quinlan ’74: Teaching Social Justice

Christopher Bastijanic: An Inspiration

Marilyn Cunin: On a Path of Service

Reverend Anthony M. Pilla: Living in His Love

Barbara Herzog Patterson ’56: A Giving Soul

Keith Cavey: Serving Country & Fellow Students

Sr. Mary Louise Trivison, SND ’50: A Peacemaker & Educator

Rita Brady Kiefer ’53: Quinnie: Curious, Devoted, Indomitable

Father Edward Mehok: The Spiritual Father of Notre Dame