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Accreditation Evaluation Plan

Notre Dame College has formed a reaffirmation of accreditation steering committee that will oversee the efforts of several work groups to complete the Comprehensive Evaluation/Assurance Review. The roles and responsibilities of the steering committee and work groups are described below.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee includes individuals representing key campus units and groups. The committee’s primary role is to oversee and guide the comprehensive evaluation/assurance review.

Accreditation Liaison Officer

The Accreditation Liaison Coordinator is responsible for organizing and promoting the comprehensive evaluation/assurance review.

Criterion Work Groups

Work groups are formed for each of the five HLC criteria. Each work group is chaired by a member of the accreditation steering committee. The task of each criterion work group is to document evidence for the assigned criterion as well as write the argument or claim that Notre Dame either meets the particular criteria and each of its sub-components or where there are shortcomings.

Federal Compliance Work Group

Work group members will be asked to evaluate the university’s compliance with federal guidelines and provide brief narrative responses and supporting documentation where necessary.

Communications Support Team

Team members will assist Leadership Team with all communications related to comprehensive evaluation/assurance review (reaffirmation website updates, Notre Dame Today, social media, etc.).

Site Visit Planning Team

Team members will make all arrangements for peer review site visit (hotel accommodations, restaurant reservations, access to a workroom on campus during stay, on-campus meetings schedule with various constituents for per review team)


Proposed Timeline
Year 2015 – 2016

June 2015

  • Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) Identified
  • Access to Assurance System
  • ALO reviewed Notre Dame’s previous accreditation reports and reports from similar institutions

July 2015

  • Steering Committee members identified
  • ALO created draft accreditation plan

August 2015

  • First Steering Committee meeting (intro to process, criteria, draft accreditation plan)
  • Criterion chairs selected
  • Criterion team members identified
  • Approved accreditation plan submitted to HLC liaison

September 2015

  • Notre Dame website developed for Open Pathways reaffirmation of accreditation – regularly updated with information about the process – intro of process to the campus community

September 2015 – Febru 2016

  • Criterion teams begin to work on assurance arguments using criterion matrix – identify evidence and develop drafts

March 2016

  • Steering Committee reviews draft reports from criterion teams; provide feedback

April 2016

  • Representatives go to HLC annual meeting in Chicago

May 2016

  • Criterion teams complete review and analysis of criteria, produce final drafts of assurance argument claims

June 2016

  • Criterion work team chairs finalize drafts of assurance review and submit to ALO

July 2016 – September 2016

  • Assurance argument edited and reviewed by steering committee; evidence file reviewed and finalized

August 2016

  • Quality Initiative report submitted to HLC

October – November 2016

  • Campus reviews assurance argument and provides comments

December 2016

  • Steering committee completes assurance review with comments from campus

Year 2017

January 2017

  • Final review of assurance argument

February 2017

  • Post for public comment

March 2017

  • Submit to HLC

April 10-11, 2017

  • Peer review team site visit


This plan was adapted from University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL)