Please Join Us for the Fall Retreat! 

We will be going to the Cuvilly house for the weekend of October 24th-26th.  Please join us for an opportunity to build relationships with other students, to reflect, and have fun away from campus.  We are asking for a $20 deposit that you will get back after going on the retreat. Meals, activities and lodging are all FREE!  come and join us for a great weekend!!  

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Please join us for the Busy Student Retreat!

Spring 2015


To take time out from your busyness and reflect on God’s place in your life. To be healed, refreshed and energized to live with joy and passion. To think about the big issues and choices you face in your life. This retreat, spanning 4 weeks, includes an opening and closing session with once-a-week meetings that are made to fit YOUR SCHEDULE! 

BSR was created to let busy people take part in a retreat that will let them grow spiritually on their time. By signing up you are agreeing to meet with a spiritual director who is a person that will talk with you about where you are in your spiritual life and how you would like to grow. Your spiritual director can give you tips, ideas and maybe some resources to help you spirituality. You can talk about your faith, relationships or tough decisions you have going on. 


Registration coming in the Spring!


E.g., 10/09/15
E.g., 10/09/15