Undergraduate Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government, or USG, is the representative body for undergraduate students at Notre Dame College. USG is the appropriate venue for student concerns and is key to student involvement in campus governance. All students are encouraged to participate in USG and the College community. We are working to get the students’ voices heard.



USG is responsible for many events and activities on campus including:

  •  Save the Squirrels
  •   Earth Day
  •   Annual Recognition Event
  •   End of the year Spring Fest
  •   Falcons Activities Board
  •   Candlelight Ceremony during Welcome Weekend


In addition to providing campus wide events, USG is also involved with:

  •   Recognition and funding of student clubs and organizations
  •   Campus wide community service projects
  •   Distinguished Student of the Month program
  •   AICUO annual Lobby Day in Columbus


If USG sounds like the organization for you, feel free to contact

us at studentgovernment@ndc.eduor call 216.373.2460.  Our advisor is Dr. Becky Barger McBride, and she may be contacted at bbarger@ndc.eduor 216.373.5349.

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