September 2013 Parent Guide

September 2013 Parent Guide

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Dean's Welcome

A Letter to Parents from Dean of Enrollment Beth Ford

Our mission at Notre Dame is to guide and support our students from the first day of classes to graduation. In the process, we strive to provide them with exciting experiences and to make them feel like they are at home. Our goal is simple─to promote the success of your Notre Dame student.

Beth FordI hope for those of you who joined us this fall the enrollment process within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions was a smooth entry into your student’s college life. As an introduction to college life, College President Dr. Andrew P. Roth shared with you a few simple things to ensure your student graduates. According to Roth, the three best ways for any student─those returning as well as just starting out─to make the most of their college education all revolve around coursework:  go to class, pay attention in class and go to class prepared. 

As for the ability to embrace life now and in the future, according to Roth, Notre Dame encourages students to find and focus their passions through participation in a wide variety of extracurricular activities and service opportunities, an integral part of the values-based education the College offers.

“Ultimately, at the end of the day, we want you to be able to say you found the thing you love to do,” Roth said. “That might be the ultimate key to success.”

As your son or daughter makes the transition into the College community, there is a wealth of support services available to you and for your college student to be successful. Our students are our top priority, and all of our services are dedicated to empowering our students to make productive choices. I hope with this newsletter you will take a few minutes every month to explore the rich resources that we have available to you and your student.

At orientation I told you about the joy I experience watching our students transform and develop into confident, mature individuals ready to change the world. I look forward to being of assistance during that transformation. Our staff strives to be friendly and supportive, but we’re only human. If you have a problem or concern, you can contact me directly at any time. 

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Student Life

Welcome Letter from New Dean of Students Karl Rishe

I am very excited to help all of the new students here at Notre Dame realize their potential. Each fall is the start of a new year, and that new start is filled with great opportunity for learning both inside and outside of the classroom. I do love to see parents at the start of a new school year, but it pales in comparison to seeing parents at graduation. At the start of the school year parents will ask me, “How do I help my student be successful?” Here are some very simple tips to help your student no matter where he or she is in the college journey. My.NDC.edu. 

  1. Karl RisheYou should become more of a listener and help your student become a great problem-solver: At this point I am sure you have been a great problem-solver for you student. It is now time for your student to take the lead in solving problems in their life. You can be a great sounding board and can help develop strategies, but let your student be the person who takes the action. This will help your student feel empowered and will help him or her develop skills he or she will need for the rest of their life. When you call the College, you may here the term FERPA. This is a law put in place to protect a student’s privacy, but it also helps us develop the student into his or her own person. We always want to help students be successful, and sometimes that may mean helping them help themselves.
  2. Ask your student about what they are learning in the classroom: Notre Dame College has great, engaging faculty that are challenging our students to expand their understanding of many diverse topics. If your student comes home and challenges an idea that you have always had, engage in the conversation; don’t shut them down. My grandmother said when we all think the same, no one is really thinking.
  3. Help your student make Notre Dame College their community: I remember many, many years ago I was leaving to head back for my junior year of school. I said to my mother that I was heading back home. She began to cry. I considered college my home and my community. I was very comfortable to live, learn and grow there because I was involved in student groups, had good relationships with faculty members and had made lifelong friends. Encourage your student to become a member of the community by joining student groups, going to sporting events, talking with their faculty members after class and becoming a member that engages in what is happening in the community. It is no secret that students who are engaged in their college community graduate at a higher level than those who are not.

Our staff here at the College want every student to be successful here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you believe there is information that you have that would help us work with your student.

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Success Center

Several Academic Resources and Services are Available to Help your Student Achieve


The start of the semester can be an adjustment for all students whether they are entering their first year of college or their final semester. Students have a different schedule, more challenging classes, new professors and, for some, more responsibility outside the classroom. At Notre Dame, we recognize what our students face and are sure to introduce or remind our students of the many resources and services we have in place for them to be successful.   

Some of these great resources include:

  • Dwyer Learning Center – provides FREE professional tutoring in all subjects from peer tutors and graduate assistants.  In addition the center provides math and writing assistance from College faculty. 
  • Ohio eTutoring – FREE online tutoring in accounting, math and science and an online writing lab.
  • Career Services Center – supports and prepares students to identify and pursue their career goals and to facilitate connections between employers and students through quality services, internships and programming.
  • The Clara Fritzsche Library– serves the research needs and interests of the College community and provides access to OhioLINK, which allows students to borrow books from any academic library in Ohio. 
  • Student Success Center- promotes interaction among students, faculty and staff and provides the academic and personal support students need to be successful in college.

To add to their academic experience, we encourage students to engage in the classroom and to ask questions. Professors at the College provide their office hours and contact information on their syllabi and welcome students to reach out to them outside of the classroom. 

Our faculty and staff work with students in all different capacities, but what we have in common is we are passionate about what we do at Notre Dame. We strive to enrich students’ college experience and help them be successful both inside and outside the classroom!

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Residence Life

Help your Student Build Community and Feel at Home at College

Campus Family

Hello from Residence Life! We are excited that a new year is underway and that your student chose to live on campus. Everyone is settling in well and beginning to take advantage of the many activities and events offered.

Our office is committed to building a strong community within the residence halls. To help do this, each building is staffed with multiple Resident Assistants (RAs). These upper-class students work to engage students by planning educational and social programs; assist with roommate concerns, policy enforcement and general maintenance issues; and serve as mentors to help students get acclimated to living away from home and becoming a part of the College community.

While the RAs work hard to build community, they can’t do it without the help of your student. We expect your son or daughter to play an active role on his or her floor and in his or her building. Here are a few ways to encourage your student to become an active member of their community:

  • Attend programs sponsored by the RA, campus activities, athletics, career services, the counseling center and other departments. Most activities are free of charge!
  • Talk to their RA! If they are having issues with a roommate, have a maintenance issue or don’t know where to go or who to contact, the RA is the perfect resource. The RA is someone that is there for your student and will always listen to their concerns.
  • Read the Student Handbook and be aware of the policies. Our student handbook can be found online.

Our goal is to provide quality housing and residential programming that enhances the overall learning experience of students while increasing awareness for personal and global responsibility. If you have questions, please email housing@ndc.edu.

Care Packages

The Residence Life Office has teamed up with From-Mom.com to offer you the opportunity to send your student care packages throughout the school year! There are care packages for every occasion and your son or daughter will love getting mail. You can chose to send a single package or join the program to send them one each month! A portion of all sales is returned directly to the Residence Life Office so that exciting programs and events can be offered to your student. Please visit www.from-mom.com/ndc to make your purchase.

From Mom


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Money Matters

Notes from the Offices of Student Accounts and Financial Aid

Earning Financial Aid

Did you know that financial aid posts to your student’s account at the beginning of the semester, but he or she is required to “earn” the aid throughout the term? It’s like being paid for a job at the beginning of the pay period, instead of at the end.

So what happens if your student withdraws from classes, either officially (through the Registrar’s office) or unofficially (by no longer attending classes)?

The financial aid office is required to use a federal calculation called Return to Title IV (R2T4) to determine the amount of financial aid that your student has “earned.” Unearned aid must be returned to the federal government, usually causing a balance on the student’s account that must be repaid to the College.

So what can you do, as a parent, to help your student earn their financial aid? Talk to your student about attending all classes, and encourage them to seek help from the instructor, the Dwyer Learning Center or from the Student Success Center if they’re struggling.

Setting up Work-Study

Does your student need information about Notre Dame College and federal work-study? Students can log into My.NDC.edu, click on the Student Accounts tab and select “Student Employment” from the left menu to find out about electronic timesheets, job openings and work-study guidelines.

And don’t forget, your student can elect to have all (or a portion) of monthly paychecks go toward charges by completing the Work-study Withholding Authorization Form found at My.NDC.edu under the Student Accounts tab (located under “Forms and Information”).

Please note: The last day to secure a work-study job is October 1, 2013.

Keeping up on Payments

The importance of staying current on your student’s payments:

  • Delinquent accounts will result in receiving late fees plus 2 percent interest and having a hold placed on your student’s account.
  • Eligibility for early registration is limited to students having an account in good standing. Outstanding financial aid matters or an open account balance will interfere with eligibility for priority registration.
  • If you have any concerns regarding your student’s account, please contact Kevin Raleigh or Mark Chamberlin in Student Accounts at 216.373.5213 or log on to My.NDC.edu with your student’s unique login and password information to check on their status.

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Commuters' Corner

Connect to the College Community Through Events, Organizations and Great Campus Spaces


If your child is a first-year or returning student commuter, help him or her connect to the campus community by encouraging him or her to visit faculty members during their office hours, attend events on campus and join student clubs and organizations.

While the College realizes at certain times of the day parking can be difficult, commuters who give themselves enough time to find a spot and get to class on time also may have extra energy – and minutes – to get to know their surroundings and their fellow students.

Commuters can make friends at any of the many locations on campus available for studying, relaxing or hanging out while they are here: 

  • The Falcon Café: Everyone on campus goes here sooner or later to grab a drink or a snack and enjoy the lively coffee house atmosphere. 
  • The Clara Fritzsche Library: Certain areas of the library such as the computer lab, the first floor seminar room and tables and chairs in the main area on the first floor are great places for students to work and study in groups. 
  • The Connelly Center Lounge: This is the lounge with game tables across from the dining hall in the Connelly Center.  It is open to all students and has Wi-Fi
  • The Dining Hall: All commuter students are welcome to eat in the dining hall. Meals can be purchased with cash at the cashier stand, or students can purchase a commuter meal plan to eat in the dining hall.  To sign up for the commuter dining plan, contact Tera Johnson in Residence Life at tjohnson@ndc.edu
  • The Dwyer Learning Center & Student Success Center: Located on the second floor of the Administration Building, this is an area with computer labs and an open academic area for doing homework or writing papers. Students can even work with a tutor if needed. 
  • The Regina Study Lounge: Sponsored by Undergraduate Student Government and located on the first floor of the Regina building, room 126, this area is set up for studying and/or group work and is Wi-Fi enabled.  It is open whenever the building is open.
  • South Hall Lounges: All students can access the various lounges in South Hall with their student IDs.  The third floor study area is the most frequented. 
  • Providence Hall Lounge: The Providence Hall Lounge is open to all students and offers cozy couches that can be used for studying or relaxing in between classes.
  • The Campus Ministry Office: Located on the second floor of Regina Hall, the Campus Ministry office which has a nice, newly redecorated lounge area where students can relax, study and share in fellowship. 

Students interested in starting a commuter student group or joining any campus organization, can contact the Campus Activities Office at campusactivities@ndc.edu.

A schedule of campus events is available via the online calendar.

If you or your child has any questions or concerns about life as a commuter student, please contact Karl Rishe, dean of students, at krishe@ndc.edu or stop by the Student Affairs office in the Administration Building. 

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Parent Portal

Coming Soon: Access to Account Information Online with Student Permission

My.NDC.edu is the College's online portal that allows students to register for next semester's courses, print unofficial transcripts and view financial aid and student account information. This fall, parents also will have the ability to view similar information online. 

Due to FERPA regulations, parents must be granted permission by their student before they can access the parent portal. 

Upon receipt of permission, you will have one centralized space for your student's records that you can access from anywhere via the Internet!

In the next few weeks, we will send more detailed information on how to access and manage this new tool.  We look forward to enhancing our technology to better support our relationship with parents and ensuring our students' success.

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Save the Date

Parents Weekend, Homecoming and Alumni Reunion Weekend is October 4-6

Football Game

Homecoming, Alumni Reunion and Parents Weekend are right around the corner – October 4-6, 2013! We hope you will consider joining us for one of the fantastic events planned to celebrate our Notre Dame College family during the weekend. From Old World Oktoberfest to soccer, volleyball and football games on campus, the College has something for everyone throughout the weekend. Check out the schedule and get more information about attending or call Mary Elizabeth Cotleur, Director of Alumni Relations, at 216.373.5316.

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