November 2013 Parent Guide

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Preparing for Finals

Help Your Student Finish Strong During Final Exam Week, December 9-12

Study for FinalsNotre Dame College staff and faculty are ready to help students with their preparation to keep stress levels at a minimum and to make this a successful end to the semester. For many students, final exams can improve a grade in a course. Many professors take improvement into consideration when determining a course grade. So it is important for students to see finals as an opportunity to finish the semester strong.

The Student Success Center staff and the tutors in the Dwyer Learning Center are available to help. For courses that have been a challenge, the student should meet with the tutor in that subject area. Sometimes a session with a tutor can make material that was previously confusing understandable. The writing lab with English faculty members also will be available to go over any final papers with the students.

Some other tips that may be helpful to discuss with your student include:

  • Use Good Time-management Strategies: At the end of the semester, it is  even more important for students to make the best use of their time. Students need to set up a schedule to complete all of their outstanding assignments. They should write down what needs to be done for each hour of the day to help reduce the end-of-semester panic that many students feel.
  • Set Priorities for Study: It is not necessary to study for every final exam the same way. If some finals are unlikely to change a grade in the course, students can spend less time preparing for those exams. Instead, students can put more effort into those exams for classes in which the grade is borderline─courses where the final exam will determine the grade. Students still should study for all of their final exams but need to use their time wisely.
  • Use the Five-day Study Plan: Most students have two to five exams spaced within a three- to four-day time period. Some students have two exams on the same day. Although it is tempting to study for one exam at a time by cramming, students already know that is not the most effective way to learn. Students should split days to use a five-day student play for each of their exams.
  • Put Academics First: Students need to put family activities, social events and other options on hold until after their last exams. They will have several weeks between semesters to catch up on things once exams are over. By focusing their attention on final exams, students can increase their chances for academic success. Setting goals for special activities or even some rest and relaxation can help students stay motivated through exams. (Adapted from College Study Skills, Van Blerkom, 2000)

Upon their return from Thanksgiving break, students will be notified of the activities planned on campus to help them prepare for final exam week. 

Working together, we can make this a positive experience and a source of pride for all your student has accomplished.

Read these additional eight tips to help students de-stress during finals week. 

Final Exam De-stress
Final Exam De-stress


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Exam Week and Holiday Breaks

Wrap Up the Fall 2013 Semester with Important Dates for Grade Reports, Office Closings and More

Wrapping up fall semeter

As the fall semester comes to a close, we would like to pass along some important information and dates to remember-including details on grade reports, winter break and the start of the spring semester:

  • Final exams are December 9-12. The schedule for finals can be found online at NotreDameCollege.edu/Academics/Course-Schedules
  • The residence halls will close at 9 p.m. Thursday, December 12. If a student needs to stay on campus due to extenuating circumstances, they must contact the Residence Life Office.
  • Students will be able to view their grade reports on My NDC beginning Friday, December 20.
  • If your son or daughter has not registered for classes for spring 2014, during winter break they can contact:

Anna Zaks – Director of Student Advising

Katie McMahon – Director of the Student Success Center

Dianna Roberts – Student Success Coordinator

  • The College’s Administrative Offices will be closed for the holidays on following dates:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday December 24, 25 and  26 for Christmas and Tuesday, December 31, and Wednesday and Thursday, January 1 and 2 for New Year’s Day.

  • Residence halls open for the spring semester at noon Saturday, January 11.
  • Spring 2014 semester begins Monday, January 13

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Residence Life

Plan to Help Your Student Transition Out and Back into his or her Residence Hall for Winter Break

Happy Holidays from the Residence Life Office! Finals are quickly approaching and winter break is almost here. Your student has enjoyed this semester but is looking forward to heading home and taking a break from classes.

The residence halls will close during winter break so please be sure to plan accordingly-make sure you student has a ride home after finals and back to campus in January, talk to them about their transition back home living under your room and your rules and stock your pantry and fridge!

The residence halls close at 9 p.m. on Thursday, December 12. Students who have a late final may request extra time to vacate the halls but must email housing@ndc.edu. All residents are required to complete a check out form and submit it to their Resident Assistant prior to leaving.

Any student who currently does not have a roommate should make sure their room is clean and furniture is separated as they may get a roommate for the spring semester. We will do our best to inform them who their roommate will be before the semester starts.

The halls will re-open at noon on Saturday, January 11. Students may leave their belongings in their room over the break but make sure your son or daughter brings home all of the essentials-appropriate clothes, medications, etc.─as they will not be able to enter the halls at any point prior to noon on January 11.

If you have any questions about the closing process for winter break, contact housing@ndc.edu or call 216.373.5181.

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Book Buyback

Sell Textbooks and Return Rentals During Final Exam Week

Wednesday, December 11, and Thursday, December 12
9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Administration Building - Ground Floor

Textbook Buyback

Used BooksThe best time for students to sell textbooks back is at the end of each semester. When students sell back books during final exam week, they are guaranteed to get the best price offered.By offering students the opportunity to sell their books back, this puts cash in their pocket and makes it possible for the Notre Dame Virtual Bookstore to then offer these textbooks at lower prices to other students.

Factors that affect the buyback price offered for textbook:

  1. The textbook is (or is not) being used next term: The textbook has a higher value if it is being reused by the bookstore the following semester.
  2. The condition of the textbook: Students may get a lower price (or nothing) if a book is in poor condition.
  3. The store’s stock-level for the textbook. Students get less if the bookstore is already fully stocked.
  4. The demand for the textbook: Higher demand equals higher dollars.
  5. Textbook bundles: If a book came with a CD or other component, make sure students sell it back with all of the components.
  6. The edition number: If a new edition is pending for the text, the book may have no value.

Rental Returns

The best time for students to return rental textbooks also is at the end of each semester during final exam week. Rental textbooks must be returned by the due date and in good condition, so there is no other cost. If students fail to return a rented text by the due date or return the book in unusable condition, they are then responsible for the replacement cost.  If students miss the opportunity to return rental textbooks during final exam week, visit the Notre Dame Virtual Bookstore for details. 

Book Vouchers

For those eligible, Notre Dame will be offering book vouchers for Spring 2014.  The book voucher request period will be open from Tuesday, January 7, until Friday, January 17.  In order to be eligible for a book voucher, students must have a credit balance on their student account at the time the book voucher request is made.  Students can officially request a book voucher from the Office of Student Accounts via My.NDC.edu.

To request a book voucher:

  • Login to My NDC
  • Click on the Student Accounts tab
  • Click on Spring 2014 Book Voucher (left-hand side of page)
  • Read the details on how to submit a book voucher request

For more information, contact  Kristin Butterfield at kbutterfield@ndc.edu or 216.373.5179.

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Refer a Friend

Help New Students Transfer to Notre Dame for Spring Semester 2014

Do you know of students who may be interested in transferring to NDC this spring? Send them our way! They can drop in on a Transfer Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. to meet one-on-one with admissions counselors and discuss financial aid and scholarships. Students can apply online and bring transcripts for an on-the-spot admissions decision, and even register for classes that same day!

Contact Tom Murphy in the Admissions Office at 216.373.5374 or tmurphy@ndc.edu with questions or to schedule a campus visit.