May 2014 Parent Guide

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Student Success

Stay in Touch With Us Over the Summer

Student SuccessThe parent portal is almost here! Beginning in the fall of 2014, you will have the ability to view your student’s academic and financial information on My.NDC.edu. Detailed information will be sent out this summer to both students and parents on how to manage and access this new tool.

Notre Dame is open in the summer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if any questions arise. Visit our parent resources page for contact information to various departments:


If your son or daughter still needs to register for fall 2014 classes or make changes to their schedule, they can contact the Student Success Center:

Anna Zaks – Director of Student Advising
216-373-5383 or azaks@ndc.edu


Katie McMahon – Director of the Student Success Center
216-373-5327 or kmcmahon@ndc.edu

Thank you for being a part of the Parent Guide to NDC! As always, we are open to suggestions for topics or issues you would like us to cover in your newsletter. Feel free to email them to studentsuccess@ndc.edu.


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Summer Classes

Help your Student Stay on Track Academically

Summer ClassesStudents should take advantage of their summer by enrolling in summer classes. This is a great time for students to catch up, get ahead or improve their GPA.

What information do you need to help your student make a decision regarding summer classes?

First, determine if the student can take classes on campus or online at Notre Dame. Some of the advantages to taking summer classes at the College include:

  • Discounted tuition cost
  • A chance to improve GPA
  • It’s convenient-no need for transient forms or course evaluations!

If your student cannot commute to Notre Dame or cannot take advantage of our online classes, he or she could enroll in summer classes at an accredited college or university closer to home. If students need assistance with choosing a class or need to determine if the course will count towards their degree, they can see Anna Zaks, director of Student Advising. Anna can also help students complete the required transient forms.

Have a conversation with your student about their academic progress during the before the end of the current term. There are more students every year taking advantage of summer classes to improve their academic standing.

The summer 2014 course offerings can be viewed on My.NDC.edu. Any questions about summer classes should be directed to Anna at azaks@ndc.edu.


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Financial Aid

Learn About Summer Deadlines and To-do Items

Financial AidSeveral financial aid and loan applications open during the spring and summer. Stay on top of your student’s financial aid status and make sure they are ready to start school again in the fall with these helpful tips for the coming months:

  • Has your student completed or turned in all of their financial aid paperwork? To find out, have your student log in to My.NDC.edu. Under the Financial Aid tab, click on the link for “View Financial Aid Document Tracking” (under Missing Financial Aid Documents). Be sure to select the 2014-15 award year.

  • If your student plans to take summer classes at Notre Dame, he or she should submit a Summer Financial Aid Application/Enrollment Plan Form to the Financial Aid Office ASAP.

  • Parents may apply for a federal PLUS loan for the 2014-15 award year on or after May 1 at www.studentloans.gov.

  • If your student is planning to borrow an alternative/private loan, make sure to start the process no later than July 1 to meet the August 1 payment arrangement deadline. More information about alternative loans is available online.

  • Can’t decide if you should borrow a federal PLUS loan or have your student borrow an alternative/private (non-federal) loan? Learn the difference between the two types of loans.

  • Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 216.373.5213 or finaid@ndc.edu if you have any questions!


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Residence Life

Discuss Move-out Plans with Your Student

Residence LifeHello from the Residence Life Office! Another successful semester is coming to a close, and we would like to share valuable information about our move-out process. Your student will receive the same information, but please take this opportunity to begin discussing move out plans with them. The residence halls close at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 8. All residents must vacate the halls by this time or 24 hours after their last final-whichever comes first!

In order to make move out successful, there are a few checklist items all residents must complete before leaving for the summer:

  • Defrost personal refrigerators. We recommend doing this a day or two before leaving. Be sure to place towels underneath to catch any water, and leave the door open.

  • Remove all personal belongings and trash from the room. Thoroughly clean everything in the room, bathroom and the common areas if living in North and South Halls.

  • Close and lock all windows, and pull the blinds shut.

  • Lock bathroom doors if living in Harks, Petersen or Providence Halls.

This year we are providing two check-out options for your student-the traditional check-out and the express check-out. The express check-out is new this year and is our quick, no-hassle check-out option. Please read the details of both processes below.

Traditional Check-Out

  • Your student will sign up for a specific time to check-out with his or her RA.

  • Before his or her check-out time, your student will need to make sure the above checklist is complete.

  • At the check-out time, the RA will come to your student’s room and complete a closing Room Condition Report, collect the room and mailbox keys and have your student sign the closing report.

  • If items are still in the room, the room is not clean at the time of check-out or your student misses his or her scheduled check-out time, he or she will be required to complete an express check-out.

Express Check-Out

  • Prior to leaving for summer, your student will need to make sure the above checklist is complete.

  • Your student will get an express check-out envelope from his or her RA or from the Residence Life Office when they are ready to leave for summer. They will then complete all information on the envelope, sign and date it, place their room and mailbox keys in it, seal it and return it to the Residence Life Office.

  • By completing an express check-out, your student agrees to accept responsibility for all damages found in the room, and they waive their right to appeal them.

The week following check-out, all rooms will be checked by members of the Residence Life staff. It is at this time that final damage assessments will be completed. Please remind your student that if he or she does not return the room and mailbox keys, does not complete all items on the checklist above or does not complete one of the two check-out options, fines may be placed on your student’s account.

If you have any questions, please call Tera Johnson, director of Residence Life, at 216-373-5181 or via email at tjohnson@ndc.edu. Have a wonderful summer, and we look forward to seeing you again in August!


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Textbook Buyback

Get Your Student Some Extra Cash for Summer

Sell Textbooks & Return Rentals during Final Exam Week

Wednesday, May 7th & Thursday, May 8th
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Administration Building - Ground Floor

Textbook Buyback Information

The best time for your student to sell textbooks back is at the end of each semester. When students sell back their books during final exam week, they are guaranteed to get the best price offered. By offering students the opportunity to sell their books back, this puts cash in their pocket and makes it possible for the NDC Virtual Bookstore to offer textbooks at lower prices to other students.

Factors that affect the buyback price offered for textbooks:

  1. The textbook is (or is not) being used next term – The textbook has a higher value if it is being reused by the bookstore the following semester.

  2. The condition of the textbook – Your student may get a lower price (or nothing) if the book is in poor condition.

  3. The store’s stock-level for the textbook – Your student gets less if the bookstore is already fully stocked.

  4. The demand for the textbook – Higher demand equals higher dollars.

  5. Textbook bundles – If the book came with a CD or other component, make sure your student sells it back with all of the components.

  6. The edition number – If a new edition is pending for the text, the book may have no value.

Rental Return Information

The best time to return rental textbooks is at the end of each semester during final exam week. Rental textbooks must be returned by the due date, in good condition, and there is no other cost. Failure to return by the due date, or if the book is returned in unusable condition, the student is then responsible for the replacement cost. If your student misses the opportunity to return rental textbooks during final exam week, visit the NDC Virtual Bookstore for details.

For more information or questions, please contact:
Kristin Butterfield @ kbutterfield@ndc.edu/216.373.5179


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Important Dates & Links:

May 2 – Last day of spring semester classes
May 5-8 - Final exam week
May 7-8 - Book buyback
May 8 – Residence halls close at 7pm
May 8 - Commencement Rehearsal, 6:30-7:30pm
May 11 - Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony, 2:30
June 7 - Medal Dinner

Important Links:


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