Parent Guide September 2012

September 2012 Parent Guide

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Dean’s Welcome

A Message from Beth Ford

Beth Ford,  Dean of Admission & Financial AidOur mission at Notre Dame College is to guide and support our students from the first day of classes to graduation. In the process, we strive to provide them with exciting experiences and to make them feel like they are at home. Our goal is simple – to promote the success of your Notre Dame College student.

Hopefully for those of you who joined us this fall the enrollment process within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions was a smooth entry into your student’s college life. With the assistance of the Office of Financial Aid, we were able to help you apply for financial support to pay for your education. But our services don’t end there.

As your son or daughter makes the transition into the college community, there is a wealth of support services available to you and your college student. In particular, the Student Success Center, which consists of the Dwyer Learning Center and the Advising Center, offers a wide array of services from free tutoring to staff mentoring, allowing your student to succeed academically and socially.

Our students are our top priority, and all of our services are dedicated to empowering our students to make productive choices. I hope with this newsletter you will take a few minutes every month to explore the rich resources that we have available to you and your student.

At orientation I told you about the joy I experience watching our students transform and develop into confident, mature individuals ready to change the world. I look forward to being of assistance during that transformation. Our staff strives to be friendly and supportive, but we’re only human. If you have a problem or concern, you can contact me directly at any time.


Beth Ford
Dean of Admission & Financial Aid


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Focus on the Basics

Your Role as a College Parent

Parent RolesBy now, your college student has hopefully settled into the “groove” of academic life in this new semester. These first few weeks of the academic year are crucial for establishing good habits throughout the term: for making connections, for trying new things like events and activities around campus, and, of course, for studying.

Your student may face challenges during these opening weeks, from difficulties navigating a new schedule to feeling a little homesick. During this time of adjustment and settling in, we encourage you to remind your student of the basics: asking for help from professors and staff when they need it, getting involved in a campus activity or club, and taking care of themselves (getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising). 

Encourage your son or daughter to connect with people on campus by talking to other students in their classes and residence halls, finding a work-study job, going on a service project or attending mass on Sunday night. Students should right away focus on creating good habits and taking care of the essential things that will make them successful.

Even though this is a time of discovery and exploration, particularly for freshmen, encourage your student to take it one step at a time. Making the transition from high school to college takes patience and practice.

To help your student with this transition, we have created some resources for parents to connect with NDC. Check out our parent page at www.NotreDameCollege.edu/student-life/For-Parents.

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Academic Resources at NDC

How We Help Our Students Be Successful

Academic ResourcesThe start of the semester can be an adjustment for all students, whether they are entering their first year of college or their final semester. After a long summer break, students face a busy schedule, challenging classes, new professors and added responsibilities outside the classroom. At Notre Dame College, we recognize that and therefore introduce them to or remind them of the many resources and services we have in place for our students to be successful.

Some of these resources include:

  • The Student Success Center promotes interaction among our students, faculty and staff, and provides the academic and personal support students need to be successful in college.

  • The Dwyer Learning Center provides FREE professional tutoring services in all subjects by peer tutors and graduate assistants. Math and writing assistance is provided by NDC faculty members.  

  • Ohio eTutoring gives students FREE access to online tutoring in math, accounting, anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, statistics, and writing.

  • The Clara Fritzsche Library serves the research needs and interests of the NDC community. It also provides access to OhioLINK, which allows students to borrow books from any academic library in Ohio.  

  • The Career Services Center helps students identify and pursue their career goals, and facilitates connections between employers and students through quality services, internships and programming.

At Notre Dame College we are proud of our small class sizes and the close relationships our students form with our faculty. Professors at Notre Dame provide their office hours and contact information on their syllabi and welcome students to reach out to them outside of the classroom.

Our faculty and staff work with students in different capacities. What all of us have in common is that we are passionate about what we do. We strive to enrich the college experience of our students and help them be successful both inside and outside the classroom.

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Welcome to the Residence Halls

NDC Residence Life Creates Nurturing Environment

Residence LifeAbout half of our undergraduate students live in the residence halls. Chances are your student either lives on campus or has a close friend who does. Here are some basics about residence life at Notre Dame College. 

We have five residence halls on campus, three for first-year students and two apartment-style halls for upperclassmen. The Notre Dame College Residence Life Office is committed to building a strong community within these residence halls. Therefore, each building is staffed with several resident assistants (RAs) who engage students with educational and social programs, assist with roommate concerns and general maintenance issues, and serve as mentors to help students get acclimated with living away from home.

NDC seeks to provide quality housing and residential programming that enhances the overall learning experience of students while increasing awareness for personal and global responsibility. To learn more about residence life, visit our website at www.NotreDameCollege.edu/student-life/residence-life.

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Money Matters

What to Know About Financial Aid & Work Study

You probably know that financial aid credits were posted to your student’s account at the beginning of the semester. But did you know that he/she is required to “earn” the financial aid throughout the term by staying enrolled and remaining in good academic standing?

So what happens if your student withdraws from classes, either officially (through the registrar’s office) or unofficially (by no longer attending classes)? 

The Financial Aid Office is required to use a federal calculation called Return to Title IV (R2T4) to determine the amount of financial aid your student has “earned.” Unearned aid must be returned to the federal government, usually causing a balance on the student’s account that must be repaid to the College.

So what can you do, as a parent, to help your student earn his or her financial aid?

Talk to your student about attending all classes and, if he/she is struggling, encourage him/her to seek help from the instructor, the Dwyer Learning Center or the Student Success Center.

Does your student need information about College or Federal Work Study? Students can log on to My.NDC.edu, click on the “Student Accounts” tab and select “Student Employment” from the left menu to find out about electronic timesheets, job openings and work study guidelines.

And don’t forget: Your student can elect to have all (or a portion) of his/her monthly paycheck go towards charges by completing the Work Study Withholding Authorization Form found at My.NDC under the “Student Accounts” tab (located under “Forms and Information”).

Why is it important to stay current on your student’s payments? 
  • Missing payments could result in receiving late fees plus 2 percent interest as well as having a hold placed on your student’s account. 
  • More importantly, eligibility for early registration is limited to students with an account in good standing. Unresolved financial aid matters and an open account balance could interfere with the priority registration.

If you have any concerns regarding your student’s account, please contact Jim Penko or Jason Lapinski in the Office of Student Accounts at 216.373.5213, or log on to My.NDC.edu with your student’s unique login and password information to check on his/her status.

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