The Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

Slip into that swim suit and into the sun this spring break. Whether you’re looking to stay on budget, or splurge this year, and no matter what vacation spot you chose, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. That is, if you sink into the sand at one of these sunny spots:

  1. A Little Slice of Paradise:
    Cancun still tops the charts! With drop-dead gorgeous beaches and all inclusive packages you will never want to go home. Enjoy snorkeling, parasailing, sun bathing, the fabulous resorts and late nights on the town.
  2. Hideaway Heaven:
    Acapulco will give you a different feel for Mexico. Offering secluded beaches with beautiful scenery, Acapulco is your destination if you’re looking to ease your mind and explore small villages for adventures in the evening.
  3. No Pajama Party in Panama:
    If you chose this beautiful beach as your spring break destination, don’t plan on slipping into your PJs while you’re there. During March and April the city never sleeps. Vacationers spend the day and night at the beaches packed with college students playing games in the sand.
  4. Breathtaking Beaches:
    For soft white sand between your toes and clear blue waters visit the Bahamas or Jamaica. With out of this world cuisine, these are the places to be. Don’t forget to walk the streets and see what interesting products the people in the communities have to offer.
  5. Welcome to Miami:
    Take a stroll on the beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean or take a trip on Ocean Drive for boutiques, art galleries and the fantastic restaurants South Beach, Miami has to offer.

It might be hard to pick between Cancun’s entertainment, Acapulco’s picture perfect hideaways, Panama’s parties, Jamaica’s cuisines, Bahamas beaches, and Miami’s masterpieces. Wherever you go, just remember to be responsible and have a passport handy when leaving the country.


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