Summer Jobs for Winter Slobs

Everyone has their ideas of an ideal summer, whether it’s sitting on the beach sipping a drink, taking road trips to visit friends or sunbathing at your local pool. Having spent yet another brutal winter in Ohio, these options probably sound very inviting to you. But the reality, folks, probably is that you need a summer job!

If you had a little too much fun this past school year, spent a little too much time indulging in expensive luxuries and can feel your financials shrink by the minute, summer may just be your savior. At the very least you will want to cover your costs this summer whether they are rent, food or air conditioning bills. Many of you will have to work and save extra hard for the next school year.

Luckily I am here to help and offer a list of viable summer jobs to solve your financial problems:

  • Babysitting – You are not the only one on summer break. There are plenty of opportunities in the local area to work for families whose work schedule can’t be lightened even when their kids are off school.
  • Coaching – Many students at NDC are members of sports teams. Passing on your knowledge to youngsters can prove financially fruitful over the summer months.
  • Day Camps – You can earn a lot of money working at the many day camps in the area. If you’re good with children and enjoy spending time with them, this could be for you.
  • Bar Work – The many establishments around college provide excellent places to earn money over the summer. Work hard for those tips and watch them build up!

So guys, get job hunting! Positions fill quickly. Hand your applications in A.S.A.P. so you can work AND play hard this summer.


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