The "S" Word

There is one little four-letter word that strikes fear into my heart and those of my fellow Texans.  I have come to loathe this word.  The sheer mention of it will induce spasms of dread. 


The “s” word.  Those puffy white flakes are my worst enemy - for good reason.

When I first came to Notre Dame, native Ohioans warned me of the sheer amount of lake effect snow, but I took no heed of their warnings.  I thought to myself, “How beautiful! A winter wonderland!”

Boy, was I wrong.  This little nuisance single-handedly ruins my day. 

First, there is the matter of wearing at LEAST three layers of clothing, not to mention scarf, mittens and boots. 

Then there is the inconvenience of having to be ready 10 minutes early to face the outdoors. I leave my warm house to face a flurry of freezing cold flakes, slide down my snow-covered front steps and skid down my icy driveway to salvage my blanketed car.

Once on the road, the native Southerner in me drives at a pace of 15, yes, 15 miles per hour to campus, suffering near heart attacks whenever my poor car slides the tiniest bit on the unplowed streets.  I ignore all angry honks from more accustomed drivers for irrational fear of losing control of my car.

When I get to NDC, I must find a parking spot, which is nearly impossible due to people parking haphazardly on a lot with unseen parking lines.  Then I walk, head bowed against the wind, to my classes.

So to all my fellow out-of-staters, I offer this advice:

  1. Don’t fight the snow. Mother Nature will always win.
  2. Invest in many layers of clothing.
  3. Keep a countdown to spring on your calendar (March 20)!


May 22
4:00 AM
Tuesday May 22, 4:00am
E.g., 06/22/18
E.g., 06/22/18