Keeping Your Credit Cool

As a college student you have surely accumulated a devastating amount of debt through loans and credit card bills. Isn’t it ironic? We spend so much to obtain a career to make more money, but end up in debt that can take half our lives to pay off. 

Well, if you have a credit card that has increased your stress, or if you are reluctant to obtain one to avoid stress, there are a few things you should keep in mind to keep your credit cool.

  1. You want to get the best possible interest rate. Avoid scams. Companies attempt to take advantage of broke struggling college students by advertising low rates. Shop around and seek information from the “disclosure” box. By law credit companies are required to tell you all the “dirty” details they will try to hide in the “fine print.”
  2. Apply your education. Elements of Speech is a requirement at Notre Dame College. Remember the power of persuasion. Credit card interest rates are negotiable. Just call the company, tell them you’ve been offered a lower interest rate. Surely if your credit is good they will do everything they can to keep you. Remember you provide business for them.
  3. Keep track and record your spending. Check your credit report. Charge small amounts instead of leaving your credit card inactive. Credit bureaus don’t keep track of how much you spend or pay. So you can manipulate to make your credit look really good if you just charge small amounts and pay it off.

There you have it. Please post any helpful tips I missed and be sure to check out my next blog.


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