Grow Up, Go Green!

You’re finally leaving home! It’s time to take control of your life and grow up! Part of this maturing is taking an interest in Mother Earth. We’re all familiar with the usual ways to help out (recycle, turn off lights, etc.) but there are also unique ways to “go green” at NDC.

  1. Take a hike, bring a bike!
    NDC is bike-friendly. There are racks to keep your bike safe outside of each dorm. The surrounding city is perfect for walking. A wide selection of stores, banks and restaurants in a three-mile radius make South Euclid a great place to get into the habit of leaving your car at home.
  2. People helping people.
    NDC holds a Fair Trade Sale every year where you can buy jewelry, clothes and yummy snacks, and feel good knowing you are helping people! Check out to learn more.
  3. Get dirty!
    Sign-up for service projects with Falcon Corps! Cleaning up the neighborhood is a great way to protect the earth and make friends.
  4. Respect your Mother!
    There are multiple nature reserves in the area. Grab a couple friends and spend an afternoon appreciating the beauty surrounding you and respecting Mother Earth. Plus it’s free!
  5. Paper or plastic?
    Bring your own mug to the Falcon Café and cut down on waste. If you are a no-frills, regular coffee sort of person, bringing your own mug will save you cash (coffee in your own mug costs just $1). Bring it back again for a refill!

These are just a few ways you can “go green” at NDC. Check out these links below to read about what other college students are doing to protect our world.

Weekly Challenge: Walk one place you would normally drive to.


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