Don’t Slack, Stay On Track!

With that summer air rolling in it’s hard to keep your head in school and stay on the right track. There is nothing wrong with getting excited for summer vacation, but the end of the school year is still important. With finals coming around, here are a few tips to keep your eye on the prize:

  1. Material Matters: All-nighters will only hurt your grade at the end of the semester. A way to improve your grade is to study the material you have already covered at the end of each week for every class.
  2. Teacher Time: When reviewing the information, mark questions you have about the material and take advantage of your professor’s office hours. Go to them and ask for help in the areas you struggle in.
  3. Catch Some Zzzzz’s: Sleep is important! Be well rested for your test. Try to get at least eight hours of a sleep a night. That way your mind will be refreshed and able to remember the information you have obtained over the semester.
  4. Feed Your Brain: Don’t skip breakfast on the day of a test. Your brain needs food for energy. This will help you concentrate on the questions instead of what you are going to  eat for lunch.
  5. Give Credit Where Credit is Due: After finals week make sure to reward yourself for all of your hard work! Treat yourself to something you had to sacrifice during the time you set aside to study.

When the thought crosses your mind to slack on school work to spend time in the sun, remember to stay on track because you’re almost done!


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