Don’t Buy Your Books from Crooks

When I was a freshman at Notre Dame, my dad and I spent an afternoon in the bookstore purchasing the necessary texts to ensure a successful first semester. When the final price popped up on the cash register in bright blue lights I was blown away – $500. We left the college discouraged by the amount spent. Little did we know we could have used a different resource which would have brought that price down to zero! 

That resource is Ohio Link.

Never heard of Ohio Link? Let me break it down for you:

-How does it work?
Ohio Link searches the catalogues of fellow Ohio Link schools and ships the text directly to the NDC library. To order your books, first stop by the library and register to use Ohio Link. The staff can help you with this.

-How do I know which books I need for my class?
On the college’s homepage there is a link for the Virtual Bookstore. Click and select your courses to see the necessary texts and suggested prices.

-How long can I keep them?
The books are yours until the end of the semester. Just return them to the NDC library after finals and they will handle the rest.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how to access Ohio Link.

  1. Go to
  2. Find the library link
  3. Click on Ohio Link
  4. Type in the title of the book you are looking for
    TIP: Pay attention to the edition required by your professor.
  5. Click on request
  6. Find NDC, type your name and enter your student ID number (found on your student ID beneath the barcode)
  7. Submit request, continue searching

Spending hundreds of dollars on books is completely unnecessary. Plan ahead and take time to do some research. Your wallet will thank you.


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