Cleveland Rocks the Home Opener

The sun is shining as thousands of baseball fans make their way to Progressive Field for the Indians’ home opener. After purchasing the overpriced but necessary snacks, my sister, dad, mom and I head up to our seats.

And up.

And up.         

We are in the absolute last section of the stadium.

Row X right behind home plate.

Normally, these would be excellent seats: great view, minimal disturbance, constant breeze.

The Greenest Day of the Year

“I need three bread and two slaw!” 

“Hi! Did you find everything alright today?”

“Can someone run and check for five CB and cabbage?!”

That’s right; it is my favorite time of the year: St. Patrick’s Day. And in Cleveland, it’s go big or go home. So here are some of my favorite things about the greenest day of the year.

Who Says a Textbook Can’t be a Good Read?

Ok, they’re far from literary masterpieces, yet college textbooks can sometimes yield interesting insights and might even be considered, dare I say, fun to read. In high school, having to read a chapter out of a textbook meant struggling for several minutes to keep my eyes open and my head up. From personal experience, the quality of a college textbook far surpasses the quality of most high school textbooks. 

Don’t Slack, Stay On Track!

With that summer air rolling in it’s hard to keep your head in school and stay on the right track. There is nothing wrong with getting excited for summer vacation, but the end of the school year is still important. With finals coming around, here are a few tips to keep your eye on the prize:

The Rules of Microwave Living

It’s 1 a.m. You’ve been craving quality time with your bed and just started drifting off when the inevitable occurs.

The fire alarm goes off.

Get Up and Get Involved

Do you play sports on campus? Are you a part of any organizations or clubs? Are you majoring in sports management, marketing, advertising, communication or public relations? If you are not involved in any outside activities and your major is listed above, you need to become part of Notre Dame’s Public Relations and Communication Club (PR&CO).

Summer Jobs for Winter Slobs

Everyone has their ideas of an ideal summer, whether it’s sitting on the beach sipping a drink, taking road trips to visit friends or sunbathing at your local pool. Having spent yet another brutal winter in Ohio, these options probably sound very inviting to you. But the reality, folks, probably is that you need a summer job!

Don’t Just Read it…Sponge it!

Are your eyes constantly glued to your textbooks in a desperate attempt to memorize the material? They don’t have to be! There are lots of ways to absorb the material besides reading a chapter over and over again. Here are five convenient ways to sponge in the material:

House Hunting 101

Notre Dame College’s upper class students will be required to live off campus next semester, in a move that will create space for hundreds of new students.

The additions of North and South halls to campus have increased the number of beds on College Road. But with more students set to move in next August, it has become a requirement that people over 21 or those who have more than 60 credit hours have to find alternate accommodation.

Below are some key tips in the hunt for finding the perfect place to live and enjoy the remainder of your college experience.

Become a Falcon Fanatic!

School spirit on Notre Dame’s campus received a sharp wakeup call on a recent Saturday afternoon. The hush tones that feature at many NDC athletic events have been witnessed far too regularly since my arrival on campus in 2006. For this reason, the men’s soccer team called a Friday night meeting to organize the continuation of a lengthy tradition.