Despues de Todo Muendo Es Pequeno

It's a small, small world... 

Really, we'll need to come back to Portugal when the weather is better... Kidding, kidding ─ we couldn't script lovelier days! It's a whopping 20 degrees in Lisbon today ─ that's Celsius ─ so some of us are happily sunburned.

Bienvenido a Portugal!

Over the river and through the fog, to Lisboa we go!

No Way, Jose!

Hasta luego, Madrid! You'll always be in our fondest memories and we wish we could stay a little longer — especially since, after another week or so, we might have finally figured out how to adjust the lights in our hotel rooms (long story).

You say Toledo, and I say Toledo...

To-LEE-do! To-LAY-do! Let's call the whole thing off!

El Culturo (Popular)

Ah, the culture of Madrid — today was a day filled with sights and sounds that only Madrid can offer. We began the day with a brief bus tour of the city, including a quick stop at the Plaza de Toros — Spain's premiere bullfighting arena.

Por que? Porque...

Por que (Why)? Porque (Because)...


What a magnificent day in busy (and still sunny!) Barcelona. Today, our group enjoyed some iconic sights and sounds of the city. 

Mucho Gusto

There are several Spanish cognates. For example... Restaurant? Restaurante! Stupendous? Estupendo! Mucho gusto...

Much gust?? Nope.

Mucho gusto means, basically, 'nice to meet you' ─ which is just how we feel about lovely Barcelona.

Vamos a Empezar

Adios, Polar Vortex! Well, Notre Dame College, we are off on another Spring Break holiday─this time to Spain and Portugal.

We are excited to land in warmer temperatures and plenty of sunshine─because, as you may have heard, the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. 

France Trip Photos 2013

Nearly 30 faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Notre Dame College toured France over spring break 2013─nine days, three cities and the Provence and a slideshow of photos for Falcons back home: