Soak Up the Sun

Does this school year have you feeling a little worn down? Do you think you deserve a vacation? With summer approaching quickly, I’m sure you are like me and have thought a hundred times about where you could go to get away. But if you are the average college student, you’re also probably thinking about the lack of money needed to fund that vacation.

Resume Rules to the Rescue

In this competitive world how does one stand out to an employer to get that nice plush office overlooking the beach? Well, the first step is getting your résumé in shape. There are a few small steps to take when writing a résumé, so you can let yourself shine when presenting it to an employer. It is important to be creative but stay professional at the same time.

Don’t Slack, Stay On Track!

With that summer air rolling in it’s hard to keep your head in school and stay on the right track. There is nothing wrong with getting excited for summer vacation, but the end of the school year is still important. With finals coming around, here are a few tips to keep your eye on the prize:

The Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

Slip into that swim suit and into the sun this spring break. Whether you’re looking to stay on budget, or splurge this year, and no matter what vacation spot you chose, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. That is, if you sink into the sand at one of these sunny spots:

Give a Helping Hand to Haiti

The world grieved on Jan. 12, 2010 when an earthquake hit Haiti. The death toll reached 200,000 people making the natural disaster one of the deadliest in recent times. The United States reached out to help Haiti by bringing over food, water and medical aid for the families who survived the catastrophe. George Clooney and many other stars held a telethon to collect money for Hope for Haiti.