Reunion 2015!

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Pat Opaskar
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 14:29


I'm so happy to be a member of the Class of 1965 Legacy Committee and to have this opportunity to connect with you via this blog.  The first question I'd like to ask is:

What ideas do you have for celebrating our reunion?  What sort of event(s) would you participate in?  Should there be a commemorative booklet?  Get your ideas under discussion and into action as early as possible by commenting below!

Can't wait to read some responses!



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Thanks for putting all of this together. I think the main event should be a dinner and there should be a yearbook of some kind. It might be fun to show a "before" and "now" picture of the members of the class. I've heard that "print on demand" books are fairly low in cost, or we might consider an e-book (for use on iPad or similar devices) that might be even more flexible and inexpensive (not counting the labor to pull them together).
My main question is the date of the event. I hope it doesn't conflict with other events for 2015 that are already on my calendar.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay, you made some great suggestions. I hope other alums will react to and build on them. I recall that we took a Lolly the Trolley tour during a previous reunion. Is that worth doing again? Cleveland has changed a lot since the last tour!
The date still needs to be discussed and decided. I hope the organizers can come up with a time that most members of our class can fit into their schedules.
All alums should realize that to plan a great reunion, we need a large committee. You don't need to be in town to contribute. There's plenty to do. Let us know how you want to participate.


Mary Kay, I would be happy to help with the committee. It is not always possible for me to get to meetings, but I would be happy to help with work that can be done from home.

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