Alumni Association

Greetings Fellow Alumni and Friends,

TinaThanks so much for visiting the Alumni Association Board page! I am proud to serve as President for the 2012-2014 years. I am excited with the progress that the Alumni Association has made over the years and look forward to the year ahead. The College is a very special place to each of us. The friendships and memories of Notre Dame that we have are priceless and coming together as alumni both on and off campus helps to continue to bring the spirit of Notre Dame College alive!

Won’t you join us this year at the various events that the Alumni Association sponsors? Perhaps you can bring your family to our spectacular Christmas activities or meet some friends at our Homecoming Weekend.  No matter what event, coming together with the many men and women of Notre Dame College is an enjoyable and memorable time!

In addition to our events, there are also many opportunities for you to be involved. Attend our meetings, volunteer to assist at an event and contribute to its success or bring fellow alumni friends out and just enjoy yourselves! Visit our Get Involved webpage if you would like to know more about volunteer opportunities.  Or contact Mary Elizabeth Cotleur at 216.373.5316.

Your time, energy, talents and passion for Notre Dame are always welcome! I look forward to seeing you at any of the Alumni Association events on or off campus celebrating our Alma Mater, Notre Dame College.


Tina M. DiBacco Jurcisin ‘85

Notre Dame College Alumni Association


2014-2015 Alumni Association Meetings
All Meetings are held in the Great Room
on the third floor of the Administration Building
from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

September 18

November 20

January 15

March 19

June 18


Click here to download a copy of the Alumni Association Constitution and Bylaws

The Purpose of the Notre Dame College Alumni Association

The Notre Dame College Alumni Association was formed to promote the interests and welfare of Notre Dame College. As such, the Alumni Association is committed to continue the mission of the College in the lives of all alumni who have been associated with it.

The Association strives:

  • To promote the welfare of the College and an awareness of its academic excellence;
  • To promote service, financial support, communication links, and advocacy for the College, its administration and faculty;
  • To perpetuate and strengthen bonds of loyalty, fellowship and friendship among the College Alumni through social and other nonprofit activities;
  • To stimulate and sustain the interest and understanding of all Alumni in the objectives, programs and achievements of the College by stressing a diverse representation of alumni on the Board
  • To aid in recruitment programs to ensure a significant student body comprised of traditional, graduate program, Lifelong Learning and Weekend College students;
  • To increase awareness of the Alumni Association among the undergraduates on campus.    

2014-2016 Alumni Board
Executive Officers

Fran Rifici Ratka '79,  President

Mary Willoughby '96, First Vice President

Allison Sharaba Powell '94, Second Vice President

Jennifer Hornacek-Guadalupe '03, Treasurer

Linda Schostek Kacenjar '79, Secretary

Tina DiBacco Jurcisin '85, Immediate Past President

Members at Large

Carol Waitinas Alaqua '97

Dana Hill Brown '96

Candy Clemson '70

Lisa Berzin DePaulo '85

Bonnie Felice DiCillo '63

Carolyn Johnson '84

Helen Machuga Mikel '61

Mary Karen O'Neil '64

Anne Poorman '84

 Committee Chairs & Associate Members

Mary Alice Conkey '85, Parliamentarian

Sr. Eileen Quinlan '74, Religious Chair

Fran Rifici Ratka '79, Christmas Events Chair


2013 Homecoming Committee

Jennifer Hornacek Guadalupe '03, Co-Chair

Rebecca Kovacs '09, Co-Chair

2014 Annual Meeting Committee

 Joan Shepherd Lippus '78, Co-Chair

Maureen Raleigh Bihn '79, Co-Chair


Alumni Association Past Presidents

2011-2014:  Tina DiBacco Jurcisin '85
2010-2011:  Linda Smith Richardson '94
2009-2010:  Mary Louise Jurkiewicz Beckstrom '87
2008-2009:  Carol LaPlaca '02
2006-2008:  Charlotte Yarboro ’93
2005-2006:  Katherine Krejci '92
2004-2005:  Gail Jagiella Singler '97
2004:            Leigh Michaels Goff '02
2003-2004:  Audrey Hubeny Dvorak '56
2002-2003:  Diana de la Rosa Miklic '90
2001-2002:  Sr. Mary Kathleen Glavich SND '72
2000-2001:  Geraldine Schlak '92
1998-2000:  Sharon Resar Sternburg '94
1997-1998:  Ellen Kynkor '83*
1996-1997:  Mary Louise Jurkiewicz Beckstrom '87
1995-1996:  Claudette Matero '90
1994-1995:  Lucy Bowdrie '86
1993-1994:  Joan Shepherd Lippus '78
1991-1993:  Irene Sabo Griffith-Thomas '78
1989-1991:  Rita Dorony Basalla '81
1987-1989:  Debbie Chambers Marvinney '80
1986-1987:  Mary Curry '71
1985-1986:  Bernice Dondero '78
1984-1985:  Lillian Robinson Kastelic '48
1983-1984:  Judith Maderka Radosky '72*
1982-1983:  Christine Shannon Walick '74
1981-1982:  Terese Anne Tran Byrne '50
1980-1981:  Eileen Rosenbaum Vehar '69
1979-1980:  Pamela Wright Waitinas '61
1978-1979:  Patricia Grazulis Griffin '68
1976-1978:  Mary Jean Schwerko Monahan '56
1975-1976:  Catherine Wincek Fallon '61
1974-1975:  Lillian Vosmik Joliat '51
1973-1974:  Marie Goetz Geier '60
1972-1973:  Ellen Lewis Zoller '51
1971-1972:  Ethel Jones McGuigan '48
1970-1971:  Regina Lombardo Deering '45*
1969-1970:  Therese Buettner Hummer '46
1968-1969:  Vonna Mobily McDonald '50*
1966-1968:  Mary Margaret Wehrle Reid '44*
1964-1966:  Anne Fischer Mayer '51
1962-1964:  Mary Alice Guest Passow '34*
1958-1962:  Eleanor Raper Kocevar '52
1956-1958:  Janis Jones Berry '36 *
1955-1956:  Clare Bares Sturtevant '39 *
1953-1956:  Lois Gorey Violand '43
1952-1953:  Mary Catherine Donovan '43*
1951-1952:  Maryalyse Zesiger Greicius '43
1950-1951:  Stella Scarano Zannoni '40 *
1949-1950:  Rose Mary Bland '34 *
1948-1949:  Janis Jones Berry '36*
1947-1948:  Agnes Houck Slife '33*
1945-1947:  Dorothy Cerny Wright '33*
1944-1945:  Frances Burger Noetzel '41*
1943-1944:  Eleanor Houck Davin '31 *
1942-1943:  Mary Louise Brennan Schwertner '26 *
1940-1942:  Rose Mary Bland '34 *
1938-1940:  Mary Louise Brennan Schwertner '26 *
1936-1938:  Louise Woodward Lippert '26 *
1935-1936:  Jean Weaver '31 *
1934-1935:  Annette Gensheimer Carmody '32 *
1933-1934:  Patricia Sloan Clifford '28 *
1931-1933:  Helen Leonard Hagan '26 *
1929-1931:  Lucille Gallagher Malone '27 *
1927-1929:  Mary Jo McGrath Prendergast '26 *
1926-1927:  Mary Louise Fertig Monaghan '26 *

* denotes deceased past presidents