President's Welcome

Welcome to Notre Dame College!

Dr. Andrew P. RothChoosing a college is a difficult decision! At Notre Dame College, we are dedicated to ensuring that your college experience provides you the opportunity to grow and become the person you aspire to be! Founded in 1922 by the Sisters of Notre Dame, Notre Dame College dedicates itself to educating women and men of all ages, races and faiths.

Reflecting the dynamism of the Sisters of Notre Dame, the College offers an education combining the traditional and the progressive. At Notre Dame College, you will meet faculty, staff and students committed to blending learning with meeting the challenges of a global economy. Building on a solid foundation in the liberal arts, you will develop the communications skills, the broad general knowledge and cultural awareness necessary to adapt to any career challenge. Preparing you to earn a living, however, is only part of the Notre Dame College mission; we also want to help you learn how to live a life. The hallmarks of a Notre Dame education are a deepening sensitivity to the needs of others and a spirit of service to one's community. As a Notre Dame graduate, you will possess the hallmarks of a liberally educated person (the ability to think critically and to communicate clearly), the marketable skills developed in your major and the spirit of service to others that permeates the campus environment. It is how Notre Dame College strives to live its mission to educate for personal, professional and global responsibility.

You'll also have a lot of fun as you experience the joys of college life, including developing life-long friendships with faculty members, coaches, college staff members and fellow students. In fact, there is a very good chance one of those people will become the best friend you ever met!

You've made a wise choice! Welcome to the Notre Dame community. I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you your experience of Notre Dame College.

Andrew P. Roth, Ph.D.