You say Toledo, and I say Toledo...

To-LEE-do! To-LAY-do! Let's call the whole thing off!

Clearly, today's journey took us to the old capital of Spain, and sight of Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures, Toledo. The city is famous for its metal craftsmanship (but try getting that sword souvenir through customs and TSA), marzipan candy and Manchego cheese. Located in Castile (La Mancha), signs of Cervantes and his literary hero Don Quixote and loyal Sancho are all around. What literary work is the world's most translated, second only to the Bible? The classic by Cervantes. Dream... The impossible dream...

Our lovely and uber-knowledgable guide, Ima, showed us the local streets of Toledo, the Synagogue de la Santa Maria (done in the mudajar style) and Toledo's incredible cathedral—home to works by El Greco and one of 62 churches in the area. Toledo became the second home to El Greco, and his artistic style and presence are pervasive throughout the city that still maintains it's medieval feel. Spain plans to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the artist's death in 2014. Can't make it to Spain to view works of this master of the (elongated) human form? Then stop on by our own Cleveland Museum of Art to wonder at his rendering of the crucifixion of Christ. But hurry—we may soon lend it to Spain for special exhibition. 

Tonight's dinner was tapas—a progression of small plates of appetizers shared at our tables. Cheese, ham, crusty bread, salad, croquettes, mushrooms, roasted peppers, shrimp, fresh cod, pork in sherry sauce, patatas fritas, cheesecake..... Well, we ARE on vacation and it IS Fat Tuesday! 

We set out tomorrow for a one night stay in Merida, a city founded in 25 BC by the Emperor Augustus. 


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