Longing for Home

It’s only Tuesday and I’m already homesick. I haven’t even been away for very long. Easter break was a blast, but it felt like a tease to what is yet to come this summer. I never thought I would say this, but I miss my family dearly, and it’s only been 20 hours since I’ve last seen them. As my college years went on, my longing to be closer to home has grown in intensity. But there is light at the end of the tunnel; school is done for the semester in a month.

Driving for seven hours may not seem like a lot, but it is when I’m here and my family is all the way back in New Jersey. Since I’ve been at school, I’ve missed my sisters growing up. I’ve missed their first day of high school, their swim meets, and the concerts they sing and play in. I feel like I’m depriving them of having an older sister. I miss them.

Three months at home for summer vacation is not enough for me. I want more. It’s not that I want to spend less time studying, but I want to spend precious time with my family. I know my friends will come and go, but my family is there forever. However, forever is dwindling; my grandparents are getting older, and so are my parents. How much time do I really have with them? I miss them.

My mom tells me not to worry and through a sniffle I reply, “I know.” Then she tells me “to shake it off. You’ll be fine. You’re home in a month.” It’s hard, but it’s true. I’ll be home sooner than I know. My mom reminds me about her mother and says, “You’re lucky your Nanny doesn’t just show up at your dorm. I never had the chance to be homesick.”

I have found that a good cry and great friends help fight off the blues. My friends and I will have movie nights, dinners together, and will just relax to cheer me up. This weekend my boyfriend and I are going back to his house to get away from campus. Sometimes I need to get away from the college atmosphere and be in a family setting. We plan to do nothing but hang out with his family and have fun. A great home cooked meal is always heart-warming when you’re with people who care about you.

Most of the time I’m a happy person, but homesickness can happen to anyone; especially, if you are close with your family. I talk to at least one family member throughout the day to hear his or her voice and to let him or her know about an event or something reminded me of him or her. Keeping a positive attitude is key. My mom is right when she says, “We’re here. We’re always here. Home is wherever we are.” 


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