Liturgy at Ninth Century Christian Church

On Sunday, the Catholics in our group celebrated liturgy with Benedictine monks and nuns in Abu Goth. They sang a Gregorian chant that was out of this world!

The church was built by crusaders in the ninth century. About the 11th century, Greek Orthodox painted frescoes of Christ, Mary and the saints on the walls. When the Muslims took over the region, they scratched off the faces of the frescoes because Muslims consider it idolatry to make images of holy people. They then plastered over the frescoes. Only in 2000, when the church was renovated, these frescoes were uncovered.

The "Faceless Frescoes" at Abu Goth.
The "Faceless Frescoes" at Abu Goth.


March 24
8:00 AM
Saturday March 24, 8:00am
Clara Fritzsche Library
E.g., 03/24/18
E.g., 03/24/18