Last Minute Ideas about Last Minute Ideas

It’s the day you have a blog post due and you still haven’t thought up an idea. The topic is of your choosing, so your options seem almost endless. As you rack your brain for answers, you realize that time is closing in and you need to think of something fast. Unless you’ve figured out how to slow time or you come from a culture that doesn’t use a clock, chances are this has happened to you. Fear not, there are a few simple remedies to cure those suffering from the deadline scramble.

  • The first and most obvious solution would be to not do the assignment. This is quite easy and, if you weigh the pros and cons of your negligence, maybe even desired. Sometimes missing only one assignment will only drop you half a letter-grade or so. A lot of the time you can recover and still pass the class, depending on the points the assignment is worth. However, this is usually only a last-resort method.
  • Another option would be to quickly recall something interesting that recently happened to you. This is usually the most effective method and could consist of a number of things. Maybe you saw a new movie, went to a concert, or merely came across something that mildly caught your interest. How interesting the actual event was shouldn’t matter. It’s all in how you tell it.
  • The Internet is a great tool for conjuring ideas on those blog posts as well. Try doing a Google search on a favorite interest or hobby of yours. You might find information that is completely new to you on a subject you thought you knew all about. Searching recent news stories or surfing around YouTube can help expose you to some current trends or topics that might be helpful.
  • Epiphanies are also very useful to draw from in these quick-idea situations. Maybe you’ve just had a deep insight into one of life’s many mysteries and feel that you need to share it with the rest of the world. Although this method might yield the most interesting results, it also seems to be the least frequent; so don’t expect some intuitive perception to just pop into your head. If it was that simple you would have already had your paper done.
  • If you have nothing to lose and have no problem being labeled an intellectual thief, don’t forget that there is always plagiarism to fall back on. I do not recommend this option. It would probably be a better idea to just blow off the assignment. With many Internet databases that can check for plagiarism, this will probably land you an “F” in class and possibly a lawsuit.
  • The final option would be to write about the difficulty of thinking up last-minute topics. This method might be effective but I’m not yet certain. I’m still experimenting with the idea.


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