Getting Lost in Venice

Today we traveled to the unique and very beautiful city of Venice. The drive from Lake Garda to Venice is about two hours. The long bus ride allowed our tour guide Marcus to give us an in-depth history lesson of Venice as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

A gondola ride along the Venice Canal

Since Venice is an island, the bus dropped us off at a dock. The 20-minute boat ride to Venice provided great photo opportunities to capture the beautiful architecture. When we arrived, Marcus guided us through the outskirts of the city, most notably to St. Mark’s Square. St. Mark’s Basilica is absolutely incredible. After some sightseeing, Markus lead us to the Murano glass blowing factory, where we took a tour and watched demonstrations. The group was given was the afternoon to roam Venice and we were encouraged to get lost, which I found to be very easy!

The city of Venice is none like I’ve ever seen. The extremely narrow, windy, cobblestone alley ways disorient you in the most wonderful way. Most of the group spent the afternoon searching for the Rialto Bridge, touring the many museums, shopping for Murano glass, or sampling the gelato.   

The day ended with a relaxing gondola ride along the Venice Canal, which I definitely recommend!

Tomorrow we head to Florence bright and early. We will update you soon!



Italy 2012

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