15 Minutes of Fame

Doing good deeds helps you get to good places in life. It can help you land a nice job in a good location, for example. Or it can provide you with the best reward that can come from volunteering – the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment in seeing your actions make a difference in someone’s life. Well, today it also got us our 15 minutes of fame.

This morning a camera man filming for the YMCA came into our room and followed us through our routine of getting ready, packing and loading the vans. He then followed us to the work site and filmed parts of our daily safety meeting. Some of the group leaders were then interviewed for a Habitat for Humanity promotional video being shot by the YMCA! How exciting is that?!

Shortly after filming ended, we dove right into the work we were assigned by the supervisor. The vast majority of our work today consisted of priming and painting the inside of the first house. Approximately two-thirds of our group was doing this all day. The remaining members nailed boards to the second house. The two houses have seen an enormous transformation over the past three days we have worked here. They are finally beginning to resemble homes!

Afterward, we relaxed by visiting a park, going on a walk through a beautiful shopping district and playing catch. This trip has been a lot of fun so far, and we are learning quite a bit about construction and how the day-to-day operations work.

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Day 4

Day 4 Day 4
Day 4 Day 4

Day 4

Impressions from Day 4


March 18
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