What's French for "Pretzel?"

4 a.m.:  Time to finish packing, check out of the Hotel de Flore and fly home.

5 a.m.:  We're off to the airport to prepare for our first flight, from Nice to Frankfurt, Germany.

7 a.m.:  So long, France! 

9 "ish" a.m.:  We arrive in the Frankfurt airport.

There's nothing quite like flying German, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Probably the only time one can hear a German flight attendant snap, "Whoever has the daughter─child running in the aisleway . . . tell her to SIT DOWN!"
  • In the true spirit of German austerity, all public restrooms appear to have only one stall.  One.  Stall.
  • A soft pretzel the size of the average human head and a foot-long sausage is considered a "light, pre-flight snack."
  • There's a Gate Z.  Z.  And our group's gate was, yep, Gate Z.  Z.  So, in addition to walking what seemed like every square inch of France, we've now literally walked the Frankfurt airport from A to Z.  Z.  Should Z really exist as an airport gate?  It strikes me as the equivalent of the 13th floor in a hotel─it should technically be there, but never is.  Gate Z.  Z.

We then boarded our seven hours-or-so flight from Frankfurt to Newark and arrived in New Jersey on Saturday afternoon for a long layover─but, hey, there are multiple stalls in the restrooms and these signs are all easy to read! 

9 p.m. EST:  We're home. 

But, we'll always have Paris...


Useful French Phrase:  C'etait excellent!  (That was amazing!)

Not-So-Useful French Phrase:  Vas-y mollo!  (Easy, tiger!)


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