On Our Way... As Fast As We Can-Can!

Get it?  France... Can-Can???  Start chuckling now; the jokes won't get much better!  Greetings from Newark!  Parlez-vous "Jersey Shore"?

After a quick-and-easy checking-in at Hopkins, we enjoyed an equally quick-and-easy flight to Newark and will be boarding for our overnight flight to Paris within the hour! 

It appears that Roz, our intrepid leader, has done it again.  Several members of our group enjoyed some fine, American cuisine (cheeseburgers, fries <Hey, those are French!>, chicken & waffles and milkshakes) at the Garden State Diner─what a way to cleanse the palate for some more elegant, Parisian fare! 

All flights appear to be on-schedule, and the weather seems on our side.  We're set to arrive in the City of Lights on Friday morning, for a day of strolling the streets and visiting cafes before a group dinner.  On Saturday, our true touring adventures begin.

Our next post will be from what we'll surely come to call "beloved" Paris.  Until then, au revoir!

Useful French Phrase: Ou sont les WC, sil vous plait? (Where's the restroom, please?)

Not-So-Useful French Phrase:  Est-ce ballon de plage cher?  (Is this beach ball expensive?)


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