Classy American Tourists!

What has Paris taught us? 

  • Real men eat quiche. And crepes.
  • Dee Eisner (Instructor at Notre Dame College's STARS Summer Camp) likes to fall "head-long" into history at the Louvre . . .
  • The Louvre makes a mean le Big Mac!
  • Parisian pick-pockets have nothing on a Cleveland, Ohio, school teacher!
  • The TGV, the high-speed train of France, travels at speeds of over 300 mph─and that can result in a high-speed chase to Marseilles, to retrieve a suitcase.

Well, they say the good and the bad come in 3s─so it seems we are in the clear! 

We enjoyed a lunch break in Avignon, the seat of the popes during the Great Schism, and enjoyed a stay in Provence, where many toured a Roman arena and the oldest temple from ancient times, after enjoying a well-made Italian lunch. No one makes pizza and pasta quite like the French. 

We are off to Eze tomorrow! Bon anniversarie to Professor of English Amy Kesegich and her husband, Ken, as they celebrated their Silver (25th) Anniversary in the French countryside, including a visit to the Pont de Gard. 

Useful French Phrase: Pizza, s'il vous plait.  (Pizza, please.)

Not-So-Useful French Phrase:  Vous etes certain que ce n'etait pas du cheval?  (Are you sure that wasn't horsemeat?)


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