Bonjour From Paris!

Salut!  We made it!  Before we talk France, let's talk international air travel...

  • Listen, United Food Services: Many of us visited Italy last year. We've had meatballs. What you just served... NOT meatballs!  Hmm.. And we wonder how this "croissant" will measure up to the real deal from a Parisian patisserie?
  • Ah, there's nothing quite like watching the sunrise from your airplane window seat, as you touch down in Paris...
  • Exercise caution when approaching the crazy treadmill/escalator hybrids to get to baggage claim! (And when a man passes by, eating a baguette and says "Pardon," he's not milking an affectation - he's really French!)
  • We met our wonderful ACIS guide, Marcus, and were off to explore. 

We somehow managed to spend a whole day in Paris without seeing the "Iron Lady" (Eiffel Tower) in the skyline (C'mon, where is this thing??). Some took le naps at the hotel, and some others toured the local streets and the Luxembourg Gardens before making a quick visit to Notre Dame (Yes, we left Notre Dame to visit Notre Dame; this one seems a bit bigger.).

Our first dinner, at Chez Clement, was delicious (local wine, French onion soup <I mean, FRENCH onion soup!!>, mashed potatoes and pork, and creme brûlée). 

Saturday's plan is a city tour of sights and promises to be another chilly, but clear, day. Until then...

Useful French Phrase:  Je regrette je ne parle pas francais. (I'm sorry, I don't speak French.)

Not-So-Useful French Phrase:  Je voudrais de la nourriture pour bebes. (I'd like some baby food.)


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