Welcome to the Big Easy

Monday, Feb. 28:

Today was our day off so we decided to take the hour-long trip to New Orleans, La. It was everyone’s first trip to New Orleans, so we were all very excited to explore a new city.

When we first arrived, we did a lot of driving around to find parking. This was a good way to take a look at some of the houses, buildings and shops. Entering the city, we could see some devastation that was still left by Hurricane Katrina. One of the craziest things we saw was a play set that was completely twisted through an entire tree. Also, houses we thought were part of the slums were actually million-dollar homes that had been destroyed.

After a long and desperate search for parking, we could finally begin our journey through the city. Bourbon Street was one place that everyone wanted to see because it is so famous for being the “Mardi Gras Capital.” But what we found was not what we expected and was the least favorite attraction in the city. One group’s favorite area was the beautiful French Quarter. The French Quarter was filled with the real New Orleans culture; one of the best spots was the French Flea Market.

The rest of the day was filled with further exploration of the city, but we were forced to leave early because a big storm was coming. Visiting New Orleans was a great experience, and everyone enjoyed getting to see an environment that was totally different than what we are used to.

Tomorrow…work begins!


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