Outrunning the Rain at Coco Beach

After two days of driving to Florida and before we put on our hard hats on Tuesday morning, Monday was our one day off this week. Unfortunately, the weather in Jacksonville was rainy and cold – not what we were looking for. So, in an attempt to find the sun and a warm beach, we headed south. 

Our first stop was Daytona Beach. But the rain had followed us. Wanting to outrun the drizzle and find the sun, we contemplated heading to Miami, which was five hours way. We called an audible and made an executive decision to stop the madness. We had enough driving for three days.

So, instead of driving all the way to Miami, we stopped as soon as the rain did and as soon as we saw the sun, which was at Coco Beach. 

Coco Beach is home to the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop, is located near Kennedy Space Center and is considered the space coast of the USA. We spent the remainder of the day playing amateur beach volleyball. Before heading back to Jacksonville, we stopped at Ron Jon’s to pick up souvenirs to add to the unwanted sand stuck in our shorts. 

We got back to Jacksonville just in time for Monday’s BCS National Championship football game. Thanks to Notre Dame’s Office of Campus Ministry we were able to go out to dinner at a local pizza joint, where we celebrated student Zach Trumble’s 20th birthday. 

All in all, the group had a fun-filled day off and successfully bonded. We are ready for what tomorrow has to bring, bright and early. Stay tuned!

A fun day at Coco Beach

A day at the beach: The 14 of us had a blast playing volleyball at Coco Beach.


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