Guidance from the Elders

Wednesday, March 2:

As our second work day started, we learned that our groups would be switched up at our work sites. At our site, there are two Habitat houses being built next to each other; one house is being built by a Habitat group from a Montana church, the other by us. Don, the head supervisor, informed us today that the two groups would join together to work.

The group from Montana has many experienced workers, so Don thought it would help us to have some people move us along a little faster. We no longer would have the blind leading the blind.

Everyone got a chance to work with some new faces and learn new skills on the site. Jenna befriended the much adored Robert and his great craft of cutting the wood. Robert took a liking to Jenna so much that he even got her pink earplugs, so her ears would be protected from the loud machines. The earplugs may have saved Jenna’s ears, but did not protect her face from getting hit with a piece of wood. But by the end of the day, Jenna became a master of the power saw.

Anshawn was one of the brave souls to venture over to the other site and work with the Montana group. His main job was to work on the flooring. Anshawn also learned the lesson that power tool batteries do not last long. We all got a laugh seeing him constantly walk down the scaffolding to get new batteries.

The work for the day consisted of finishing the blocking and starting to set up the foundation for the flooring. With the help of the Montana group, we were able to fly through the rest of the blocking. It was awesome to see how much more we got done in a few hours compared to what we got done the entire first day.

Tomorrow…more adventures from the work site and hopefully a completed floor!


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