“Come Tuesday, We Are Going to Be Served a Piece of Humble Pie”

Tuesday, March 1:

We woke up at the crack of dawn (6:30 a.m.) to eat breakfast and get our lunches together. Everyone ate quickly because we were all excited to get to the site and start working!

The NDC students receive instructions on their first day working in Biloxi, Miss.
The NDC students receive instructions on their first day working at Habitat in Biloxi, Miss.

Naturally, before we reached the site we got a little lost but were still able to make it there in time. Once there, we met Don, our self-proclaimed “hippie supervisor.” Don is the head supervisor of the site; we also have an assistant AmeriCorps supervisor named Chris, who all the girls are swooning over.

The supervisor quickly introduced us to what our work will consist of – the tedious task of blocking. Blocking is the fitting of blocks that will be the foundation under the flooring. Mind you, this was all done on ladders and beams because it is now regulation in Mississippi that houses need to be at least six feet off the ground.

We all split up into three groups, one setting up scaffolding and the other two starting the blocking. After a few blocks were put up, Don came around and informed us that they were being put up incorrectly and we had to tear them down and start all over. However, after we finally got the hang of it, things started to go smoothly.

Another thing that was humorously accomplished was Bobby overcoming his fear of being on top of the beams. Maria also bravely conquered her fear of ladders and did a great job placing some of the blocks.  

On their first day at the building site, the NDC students were charged with blocking.
On their first day at the building site, the NDC students were charged with blocking.

One of the great perks of the day was getting an hour-long lunch break. This gave us a chance to sit together and bond. We feel that this hard work is the key ingredient in bringing everyone together and truly work as a team.

After lunch, we continued to work for the rest of the afternoon until about 3:30 p.m. when it was time to clean up. It was here that we found out we would be getting a surprise tour when we got back to the campsite.

The news of the tour was bittersweet because we were all so tired from the day’s work. However, the tour was something we will never forget. We got onto a charter bus driven by Scott, who showed us the damage that was left by Hurricane Katrina. He also took us to see the memorial of Katrina and Hurricane Camille.

Scott shared with us his story of living through the Hurricane and what he did to help those in need. He was a bus driver who evacuated people of New Orleans and Biloxi to Texas. Scott also shared with us other tear-jerking stories of the hurricane victims. This bus tour really gave us an insight into the true devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the true difference we are making.

After getting back, we ate dinner and relaxed for a few hours. Later in the evening we all gathered for our reflection. We had a good laugh about some of the day’s antics and also talked about how great today was and how happy we are to start working.

Tomorrow…more stories from the site!


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