Moodle access for courses with a classroom meeting time:

Moodle access for fully online courses:

Moodle at Notre Dame College:

NDC uses online tools to enhance courses and make them more engaging and effective. The use of online tools in an NDC course may range from an instructor only tracking attendance and recording grades to a course being completely online with no scheduled class meetings. All courses at NDC use a Learning Management System (LMS) called Moodle. Depending on how Moodle is used in a course that you are enrolled in, you may have to access the LMS using a different portal. Any NDC course that has a required classroom meeting time is considered either a face-to-face or hybrid course in terms of Moodle. If your class meets together, even once, on the NDC campus, you will access Moodle through the portal at If your course is fully online and does not ever meet on campus, this is considered a fully online course and Moodle will be accessed through the portal at

Why are there two different portals for Moodle?

Fully online courses may have students enrolled from anyplace in the country or even internationally. Since students don’t meet together on a regular basis, these courses have other use additional tools such as virtual classrooms that have different technological requirements than the more standard functions used in f2f and hybrid courses. These added features for fully online courses are best facilitated when housed on its own server.

What if I need help or have questions about online issues at NDC?

  • Help information for each version of Moodle is located near the top of each portal (login page). You do not have to be logged into Moodle to access help.
  • For information about fully online courses and programs at NDC please contact: Distance Learning Office, Finn Center for Adult, Graduate and Professional Programs, at 216.373.6519 or by e-mail at

Where can I learn more about Moodle?

Online Campus – For fully online courses, NDC has an online campus with additional information and resources.


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